What is edge computing and Why it matters a lot

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Sanjam Singh

credit: scoop
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The architecture that suits one type of computing task, doesn’t mean, it is a necessity to fit all types of computing tasks. It supports the distribution of computing that can deploy to storage resources that have a long and proven track record. The benefit of edge computing is the ability to process and store data faster. It enables more efficient real-time applications when facial recognition would need to run the algorithm through cloud-based services which took a lot of time to process. The benefits of edge computing are performance, cost savings, functionality, security, and productivity.

Edge computing — IOT and 5G

New technologies and practices help to enhance the capabilities and performance where the technology is expected to become more important and shifted to the internet and brings more potential while using edge technology. 5G will help in deploying the capabilities of the networks in the form of distributed cellular towers and will be capable processing of huge data while maintaining high-speed data transmission between vehicles and communication towers. Moreover, AI will make it possible for decision-making capabilities in real-time which allows the cars to work faster than humans in response to immediate changes in traffic and accident cases. This results in the growth of computing, storage, and network appliance products specifically designed for edge computing which makes interoperability and flexibility products at their edge. The massive evolution of IoT devices will also have an impact on the future development of edge computing. But still, there are some challenges for 5G, which will deploy gradually at first and focus on a major part of the world.


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