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West Java Regional Police Mobile Brigade Keep Reminding Prokes to the Community

West Java Regional Police Mobile Brigade Keep Reminding Prokes to the Community

Cirebon – In order to anticipate the occurrence of social conflicts such as the increase in community and social security disruption in the community due to the Covid-19 Pandemic due to the imposition of various restrictions on all social activities to suppress the spread of the virus.

So the Brimob Polri Unit apart from routinely implements the application of health protocols also routinely carries out the dialogical security guard patrol which is held day and night. Tuesday (02/03/2021)

The government has established a Health Protocol that must be applied by all levels of society, government agencies, both public and private.

The spread of the new Covid-19 corona virus is classified as fast and deadly, in a separate place, the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Commander, Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, told its members, “Continue to be enthusiastic in carrying out Dialogical Patrols in anticipation of social conflicts and appeals to the public to provide an understanding of what the Government has announced to implement health protocols as an effort to reduce the rate of spread of the Covid-19 outbreak such as maintaining physical distance physical distancing, obliged to use a mask, always maintain personal hygiene such as washing hands and limiting unnecessary out of the house or social distancing, in which the patrol is carried out both day and night, especially at night ”. Yuri Karsono said.

Dantim Patrol Company 1 Battalion C West Java Police Satbrimob Pioneer Aiptu Agus Rido Priyatna together with his team routinely carry out Harkamtibmas patrols in the Cirebon area, in addition to creating a sense of security from social security disturbances also educating the prevention of the Covid-19 virus pandemic by obliging to implement health protocols in communities he found and was found still active.

The Patrol Team conveyed that to help remind each relative or other residents about the importance of implementing health protocols such as Physical Distancing or physical distance, it is mandatory to always use masks, especially in interactions and always maintain personal hygiene by washing hands, as a way to prevent and avoid spreading. the corona virus more widely.

“The government is gradually loosening restrictions to make way for economic sustainability as individuals and as a country but that does not mean that we forget our minimum health standards,” said Aiptu Agus Rido Priyatna.

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West Java Police Mobile Brigade Dansat Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, added, “This activity is one of the Polri’s concerns and a form of West Java Police Mobile Brigade Service for the people affected by Covid-19”.

“This is a form of Bhakti Brimob Polda Jabar in this case in the district area. Cirebon and its surroundings to break the chain of spreading Covid-19, ”said Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono.

He also advised, “Do not underestimate this corona virus, because this virus outbreak has become a pandemic, we must always be vigilant and always protect, nurture and serve the community, especially in the West Java region because we are members of the National Police who have an obligation to protect the public from all kinds of things that disturb security, “said Yuri Karsono. Yadi


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