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West Java Police Mobile Brigade personnel to intensify SAR patrols, anticipate disasters

Personel Brimob Polda Jabar Gencarkan Patroli SAR, Antisipasi Bencana


Cianjur, -1 team of 10 personnel led by Briptu Efriyanda based on orders to move to carry out SAR patrols in the Cipanas area, especially on cliffs in Cipendawa village, Jalan Raya Cipanas Cianjur, Thursday (04/03/2021).

Previously, it rained in the Kec. Cipanas Cianjur and evenly distributed in other areas plus the geographical conditions of the Kec. Cipanas Cianjur is a hilly area with unstable land contours and this can lead to natural disasters in the form of landslides.

Seeing this, Briptu Efriyanda and 10 personnel wearing raincoats and complete SAR activities monitor the peak areas after landslides often occur.

According to residents around “the river flow in the Cipendawa Cipanas Cianjur village area is very heavy, there is also a lot of rubbish seen piling up around the drainage stream”.

“Recently, the rain has flushed in the Cipanas Cianjur area and it has not subsided there is a concern that there will be prominent incidents in other areas, please check and report the results of the patrols to me,” said Danki 4 Iptu Dani Irmawansyah to the SAR Patrol Team.

In a separate place the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Dansat Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, said, “As protectors, protectors and servants of the community, we must be present in the midst of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade service to create a situation that is always safe and peaceful. In this rainy season, do patoli to places that are allegedly prone to natural disasters”. Yuri Karsono said. Yadi



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