West Java Mobile Brigade Continues to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

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Brimob Jabar Terus Berupaya Cegah Penyebaran Corona

Cirebon, – For several areas in West Java, no one has entered the red zone of Covid 19 transmission anymore.

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For region 3 Cirebon itself, there are several areas that have entered the green zone and this is certainly good news for the entire community. This is a sign that every community has awareness and discipline so that they can get out of the red zone of Covid 19 transmission. Good cooperation between officials and the community must be improved for now.

With the current situation, which requires all Indonesian people to apply health protocols wherever they are when they are doing activities to break the chain of transmission of the Covid 19 outbreak.

The West Java Regional Police Mobile Brigade Unit also continues to provide services in the midst of the outbreak and the Covid 19 pandemic which is very widespread in Indonesia, especially at this time a new type of virus mutation originating from the UK that entered Indonesia was found.

However, these conditions do not discourage Brimob personnel from providing services, be it security or community services, in the form of providing outreach and also advising on health protocols. This is proof of the Brimob Unit’s concern and service to the Indonesian people.

West Java Police Mobile Brigade Commander Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, to his staff said that “in addition to carrying out appeals and also disseminating information regarding the prevention of transmission of the Covid 19 virus, the West Java Police Mobile Brigade should also encourage the public to implement health protocols in daily life both in their work environment and in their respective neighborhoods. “, He explained. Tuesday (09/03/2021).

“It is hoped that with high public awareness to continue to implement health protocols, the situation can quickly return to normal so that the economy runs smoothly and we will be able to suppress the threat of social security disruptions in a safe and conducive situation,” he explained.

Bripka Utang Komarudin SH, who is a dialogical patrol team for Company 1 Battalion C, the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Pioneer, visited one of the community-owned workshops to convey an appeal regarding the prevention and anticipation of Covid 19, precisely in Wanasaba Kidul Village, Kec. Talun, Cirebon Regency. In addition to monitoring the development of the situation in the community, this activity also anticipates the occurrence of social and social security disturbances so as to create a sense of security and comfort for the residents.


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