West Java Mobile Brigade Conducts Prokes Counseling at Rancaekek Pedicab Base

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Brimob Jabar Lakukan Penyuluhan Prokes di Pangkalan Becak Rancaekek

Bandung, – The personnel of Company 3 Battalion A Pioneers of the West Java Police Satbrimob as units of officers in the field are routinely making appeals regarding health protocol rules which are currently being carried out at the pedicab base of Pasar RTC Rancaekek, Bandung Regency. Sunday (14/03/2021).

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This is to always be disciplined to comply with health protocol rules, so that the spread of the Corona Virus can be minimized and does not spread again in the community.

In the face of the current situation where the spread of the Corona Virus is increasing, West Java Mobile Brigade continues to appeal and educate the public regarding the importance of implementing health protocol rules where we should increase alertness and improve a healthy lifestyle and always use personal protective equipment when doing activities outside the home especially for fathers. – This father is vulnerable to Corona Virus transmission.

Elsewhere, the commander of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Unit Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, said “if not from now on, when else will we discipline ourselves, only with self-discipline and always following government regulations, the spread of the Corona Virus can be minimized” he said.

This appeal activity carried out by the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Unit is expected to increase public awareness of the importance of maintaining health and always use masks and health protocol rules and always apply 5M when in public spaces, in this way we can reduce the risk of being exposed to Corona.

“We urge those who work as becak mamang to always be vigilant and remain disciplined in applying health protocol rules, always use a mask while outside the house and maintain personal hygiene when returning home,” said Bripka Achmad.

Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, also added that “this appeal activity is a form of West Java Police Mobile Brigade Service for the community in presenting the State in the midst of society”.

“This is a form of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Service in this case in the Bandung area, to create a sense of security and comfort as well as emotional closeness between Brimob and the community in breaking the chain of the Covid-19 Virus,” concluded Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono.


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