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West Java Brimob Brain, Help School Children Learn via the Internet During a Pandemic

West Java Brimob Brain, Help School Children Learn via the Internet During a Pandemic


Sumedang, – Given the uneven economy in Jatiroke Village, Jatinangor District, Sumedang Regency. Especially for the middle to lower class people, it will be very pronounced, because in the midst of this pandemic income is definitely reduced, especially with the many employees who have been sent home due to the impact of the Corona Pandemic. Tuesday (09/03/2021).

Responding to this, the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Unit with the BRAIN (Indonesian Child Friendly Mobile Brigade) program, West Java Mobile Brigade provided free internet for children in the unitary environment so that they could still enjoy learning by facilitating these children with free Internet in a place provided by the Unity. .

With the Corona pandemic not yet completed to date, teaching and learning activities during this pandemic are still through the internet, with the intention that children can still attend lessons without having to come face to face with teachers or friends, this is because it is still very dangerous if they are forced to continue studying in school considering their age, including those who are very vulnerable and vulnerable to being exposed to the Corona Virus.

“With this, our children can still learn without having to think about quotas, however, they still apply health protocol rules considering their very young age will be exposed to the Corona Virus,” added Aiptu Nana Mulyana.

In an effort to educate the nation’s children currently in the midst of a pandemic, West Java Mobile Brigade continues to appeal and encourage people who have children who are still in school around the unit, to take advantage of the facilities provided by the unit, so as to help ease the burden on the affected parents. the impact of this Corona pandemic.

Mrs. Sulis, a resident of Jatiroke Kec. Jatinangor Kab. Sumedang said “We are very grateful to the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Unit for providing internet facilities, so that our children can still attend lessons,” he said.

When confirmed in a different place, Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, said “That with the provision of free internet facilities for children, it is hoped that it can help disadvantaged communities, so that all children can participate in teaching and learning activities smoothly and maximally” he said.

“Activities like this will be routinely carried out as long as the pandemic has not ended, and we hope that the facilities we provide can really be utilized, so that they do not become a polemic in the community,” he concluded. Yuri Karsono.

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