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Welcoming Brimob troops from BKO Papua, this is the statement of the West Java Police Chief

Sambut Pasukan Brimob dari BKO Papua, Ini Ungkapan Kapolda Jabar


SUMEDANG, – Sumedang Police Chief AKBP Eko Prasetyo Robbyanto attended the West Java Police Mobile Brigade welcoming ceremony from BKO Polda Papua.

West Java Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Drs. H. Ahmad Dofiri in a welcoming ceremony for West Java Police Mobile Brigade personnel who have returned from the Papua Police BKO admitted that he is proud of all members of the West Java Brimob Sat Team, especially those who have implemented BKO for 8 months, until February 2021.

“I know, in the Papua region, the task is faced with quite difficult terrain. I am proud that you are doing the best you can. I also understand that the difficulties and challenges of assignments are not playing games. There I really remember, I once dispatched a Brimob company and what happened? almost half of the troops were infected with malaria, “explained the Kapolda to BKO personnel.

He continued, let alone carrying out an effective task, to maintain his own body condition was already difficult because he was in a state of illness.

“Therefore I am very proud to receive this report from the Brimob Dansat, none of the 96 who departed were sick, in good health, and Alhamdulillah came home safe and sound without missing anything,” he said.

“This is important. Our colleagues, of course, carry out their duties with effort. Fellow fellows do that with willpower, all depend on God who is almighty, “added Dofiri.

It is said that he said, he continued, that the plea had an address, but it was the human obligation to carry out the effort.

“The initiative is built by building, you carry out your duties in a professional manner. It is part of our efforts as good and reliable soldiers and troops. That way we can protect ourselves, our troops. And the output will be we will be able to carry out our security duties properly, “said the Kapolda.

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“I received a report from the Dansat Brimob. You are divided into three places. Some are in the mountains and scattered in other places. I have also received reports that I have had two gunfights and Alhamdulillah you are safe. “

“It is a very proud achievement. I can’t imagine if there was one of our members who later did not survive, then the concerns were shared. Therefore we should be grateful that you did your job well, then returned safely and met your family, ”said the police chief.

“Therefore, once again I feel proud and highly appreciated. I salute those of you who returned from their assignment from BKO at Polda Papua. Hopefully your return can adjust to joining the main force, joining the family and of course I congratulate you, “he said. (Abas)



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