Unmasked, Dozens of Residents Netted by Operation Yustisi – POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

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Unmasked, Dozens of Residents Netted by Operation Yustisi - POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

The implementation of the justice operation is the application of Presidential Instruction 6 of 2020, the East Java Provincial Regulation Number 2 of 2020, the Mayor of Kediri Number 32 of 2020 and the Latest SE Mayor’s Notification 443: /2/419.003/2021, related to PPKM (Limitation of Implementation of Community Activities). And Kediri Perbup Number 44 TA 2020 dated 15 September 2020 concerning the application of health protocols and discipline, as well as the Regent of Kediri Circular Letter Number 440/211 / 418.74 / 2021, 26 Jan 2021 concerning the extension of PPKM during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period held simultaneously in the jurisdiction. Kediri City Police, Saturday night (13/3)

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Mojoroto Police

Carrying out Yustisi Ops in 10 locations, including: 1. Veteran Café Jln Veteran. 2. Bedjo cafe on Veteran street next to the intersection of four Sukorame. 3. Angkringan Jln Kawi next to the intersection of four Kawi 4. STM Veteran Ruko Jln Kawi in front of Perum Mojoroto Indah. 5. Angkringan woro woro jln penanggungan in front of junior high school 4. 6. Exxpo store jln insurance 7. Tell Kopi Jalan penanggungan 8. Entahun ong cafe jln penanggungan 9. Rileg Kafe jln Kh abdul karim kel Lirboyo. And 10. At Warkop Bedjo Jalan Dr. Saharjo.

Ops Justisi sanctions consist of: Verbal warning: 9 (not keeping your distance) Written: 1 (One) and giving public appeal: 3 times. Mojoroto Police and related agencies distributed masks: 25 masks.

Cement Police

Justisi operation activities to control the spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covit-19) are carried out both stationary and mobile against health protocol violators by the Cement Police as follows:

Target / location – Warunk Kopi AA, Semen Village, Semen District, Sukowolu Cafe, Puhsarang Village, Semen District, Kediri Agro-tourism, Pagung Village, Pagung Village, Cement District (CLOSED). The results of the ops yustisi oral warning. : 18 people (not wearing masks properly).

Most Police Offices

The activity was led by the Kapolsek of Banyak AKP Wahana, SH, members of the Sek. 5 personnel plus two TNI members from the Grogol Koramil. The activity was carried out by mobile targeting the airport road users and Warkop visitors who did not comply / violate health protocols.

As for the results of the examination, the number of health protocol violators consisted of: written warning: 2 people, verbal warning: 14 people. Social service by distributing as many as 15 masks.

Tarokan Police

The target location for the Justisi operation at the Tarokan Police is in coffee shops. The results of the ops for health protocol violators consisted of 6 social sanctions, 3 written warnings, 5 verbal warnings and 10 masks distribution.

The Tarokan Police also carried out a Police Operation Lockdown of PSHT members on Jl. Raya Tarokan in front of the Tarokan Police Headquarters in the context of the PSHT Conference in Madiun led by the Head of Tarokan IPTU Police Employee Hadi, SH

Kediri City Police

Implementing Yustisi Ops / Patrols for the Enforcement of Presidential Instruction Number 6 of 2020, East Java Provincial Regulation No 02 of 2020, Pergub Jatim No 53 of 2020 and Perwali of Kediri City Number 32 of 2020

As for the location of the action / patrol and the result is Cafe Mak Sambel Jl. A.yani Kediri City, Ketan Shop Jl. PK. Nation of Kediri City. Kedai Mie Gacoan Jl. Joyoboyo, Kediri City. Along Jl. Hayam Wuruk Kediri City, Angkringan Jl. Brigjed Katamso and Warung Nonong Jl.Yos sudarso.

Results 8 Offenders not wearing masks, giving verbal warning: 29, written warning 8. Conducting security / accompanying actions taken by Satpol PP Kediri City. Appeal to those who are being prosecuted by Satpol PP of Kediri City to always wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands. giving masks to offenders and the public.

“All activities are carried out in an orderly, safe and controlled manner,” said AKP Ni Ketut S, Head of Public Relations at the Kediri City Police.


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