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Touching, Police Social Action in Majalengka Caring for and Bathing People with Mental Disorders

Touching, Police Social Action in Majalengka Caring for and Bathing People with Mental Disorders


Majalengka, –Approaching the month of Ramadan is the month when all good deeds are rewarded abundantly from Allah SWT, this opportunity was not missed by a police officer who served at the Kasokandel Polsek Majalengka Police, West Java Regional Police named AIPDA Ato Rusdianto. Ato’s social action was considered ‘anti-mainstream’.

West Java Regional Police Head of Public Relations Kombes Pol. Erdi A. Chaniago SIK, M.Si informed that AIPDA Ato Rusdianto, who is the Head of Propam at the Head of District Police, Majalengka Police, West Java, does not only deal with Members, Provos as the function of monitoring and enforcing discipline towards members, but also often ‘I stare’ looking for vagrants and people with mental disorders. Saturday (6/3/2021).

Humanizing Humanity is what AIPDA Ato Rusdianto calls his social action. Using a patrol vehicle, AIPDA Ato began targeting markets and busy streets around Kasokandel District. When he found people with mental disorders, without hesitation AIPDA Ato and the residents invited him to get on the patrol vehicle he was driving.

Armed with shaving shears, brush and shampoo, without a doubt, AIPDA bathes people with mental disorders. When he was clean, he gave him proper clothes and food supplies. “As a social calling, when we treat them properly, it is not impossible that they can return to their normal life,” said AIPDA Anto during the action.

According to AIPDA Ato, people with mental disorders like normal people also have the same rights. “They deserve a decent life, and what I do may not make much difference, but at least this activity can help them a little and provide an example for other communities,” continued Ato.

In a separate place, IPTU Kasokandel Police Chief Budi Wardana said that AIPDA Ato often took action in addition to dealing with people with mental disorders, not only that AIPDA was done during the Covid-19 pandemic, he often shared such as for quota and packaged rice to orphans, he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of West Java Regional Police Majalengka AKBP Syamsul Huda through the Head of Public Relations Sub-Section of the Majalengka Police of the West Java Regional Police, Riyana, appreciated the social action carried out by AIPDA Ato Rusdianto to take care and bathe crazy people. “I appreciate this,” said AIPDA Riyana.

To others, in order to imitate creative things like that, what their subordinates did was very positive. This social action is one of the innovations in humanitarian activities. “This is a form of humanistic innovation. Because the police are also essentially servants, protectors and protectors of the community. It is not only a crackdown, but also a humanitarian operation, ”he said. Yadi / Keling

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