TNI Polri in Kradenan Continues to Socialize Prokes and Distribute Masks – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

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TNI Polri in Kradenan Continues to Socialize Prokes and Distribute Masks - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Continuing to work together in stopping the spread of Covid 19 in the Grobogan Regency area, joint personnel from the Kradenan Police with the Koramil and related agencies have never tired of giving advice and education to the public on the importance of complying with health protocols. Kradenan Police with Koramil and Subdistrict officials who appealed to the community at Kradenan Market, Thursday (11/03/2021).

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The implementation of routine joint patrols is an effort to inspire and improve the discipline of the Health Protocol to the public, as well as to convey appeals and also disseminate information on Government policies, on improving the discipline of health protocols in preventing Covid-19.

In his appeal, the joint apparatus reminded residents of the importance of implementing 3 M, namely using masks, washing hands with soap and maintaining distance. Socialization was carried out by using loudspeakers and a banner calling to jointly support the government to eradicate the Corona Virus.

“This activity aims to provide education about a healthy lifestyle with 3M, namely maintaining distance, wearing masks and washing hands, as a precautionary measure to prevent transmission of the corona virus. We hope that through this appeal and education, the public can more adhere to and comply with health protocol procedures, especially when doing activities outside the home and we also distribute free masks to residents, “said Kapolsek AKP Sunaryanto.

“We will never get tired, remind and invite the public to jointly support the government in fighting Covid 19, Kodim 1301 / Grobogan together with the Polres and the Grobogan Regional Government will continue to work together to arouse public awareness in implementing the Health Protocol discipline, and foster a sense of concern to remind each other. with each other, for the sake of our safety, ”he said


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