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Web Developer

Web developers are in big demand, and it’s a job that pays well and can be done from almost anywhere. Why not start the new year by learning a new skill and making yourself more marketable to employers, even during these uncertain economic times?

These four bundles of web development and coding classes could be the key to giving you a satisfying, secure career.


Dive deeper into web coding with eight different courses covering 15 hours. Topics include Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Bootstrap 4, MySQL, and Node.js. There are 227 total lessons, all designed for beginners and those looking to get started in web development. Each individual class has a value of $200, making the entire package worth $1,600.

But you can enroll in the Ultimate Web Coding for Everyone Bundle today for just $29, a discount of more than 98 percent.

Web developer

You’ll get 11 different courses covering more than 69 hours of content as you look to begin a career as a web developer. Topics covered include Java, HTML, CSS3, APIs, and more. There are 745 separate lessons offered, and you’ll get beginner courses in most. You’ll also get a bootcamp on Python 3, one of the best languages for novices to learn.

The entire series is valued at $2,200, but for a limited time, you can get it for just $39.99, a 98 percent savings.

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This bundle offers 14 different courses and nearly 1,100 separate lessons to jump-start your IT career. You’ll learn JavaScript, C#, SQL, Python, and HTML, among other courses. Go from the basics to more advanced lessons, and take a dive into Git and GitHub, plsu learn the complete front-end of building a website.

There are well over 150 hours of content in these classes, which are valued at $2,786 if purchased separately. But with this bundle, you get the entire thing for just $39.99, a 98 percent savings.


Fourteen different courses and 439 lessons will be waiting for you when you purchase this premium online training, which covers JavaScript, HTLM, CSS, and more, over the course of nearly 40 hours of instruction. It starts with the basics of understanding how websites work, then gives you beginner lessons on each topic, with the modules and classes getting increasingly more challenging.

As a bonus, it wraps up with a course on how to land a web development job once you’ve grasped all of the material. Valued at $1886, this bundle gives you everything for just $34.99, a 98 percent savings.

Prices subject to change.

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