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The Puncak Jaya Police Combined Team Successfully Freezes JI, The Actor of CT-Type Liquor – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

The Puncak Jaya Police Combined Team Successfully Freezes JI, The Actor of CT-Type Liquor - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION


Puncak Jaya – The Puncak Jaya Police Joint Team consisting of Sat Narcotics, Sat Samapta, and Sie Propam again managed to arrest a man with the initials JI at his residence in Pelibur Village, Pagaleme District, Kab. Puncak Jaya, the man is a perpetrator of the type of Cap Tikus (CT) liquor which is often circulated to the public, Saturday (06/03/2021).

During the raids and arrests led directly by the Head of Narcotics at the Puncak Jaya Police, Ipda Totok A. Trihartono, SH with the joint team this morning, the perpetrator was successfully secured to his residence while cooking Cap Tikus (CT) liquor and without resistance the perpetrator was taken to the Puncak Police Headquarters. Jaya to be accountable for his actions.

During the search and arrest of JI perpetrators, the Puncak Jaya Police Joint Team also succeeded in securing evidence in the form of CT-type alcohol making tools including 2 stoves, 2 pans, 9 buckets, 3 packs of fermipan, 4 cartons of mineral water and 2 tools. a flute made of bamboo sticks.

Kapolres Puncak Jaya AKBP Drs. Mikael Suradal, MM, when confirmed, confirmed the raid and arrest of the JI perpetrator, where the perpetrator was caught at his residence in Pelibur Village, Pagaleme District, making or producing Cap Tikus (CT) liquor, and when he was secured the perpetrator was producing the liquor.

Furthermore, the Puncak Jaya Police Chief also said that for the time being the perpetrator we are still interrogating and developing the person concerned, we will act firmly if there are any persons or people behind him.

“This is a concrete form of the police, especially the Puncak Jaya Police in eradicating the circulation of liquor which can be a trigger for problems, so we appeal to all Kab. People. Puncak Jaya should stop drinking alcohol and if you find out that someone is producing and selling liquor, please report it to us immediately, “said the Puncak Jaya Police Chief.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Puncak Jaya Police Narcotics Unit Ipda Totok A. Trihartono, SH, when confirmed, said that he and the Sat Narcotics personnel had first received information about the JI perpetrator who often produces this type of CT liquor, temporarily we secure the perpetrator at the Mako Detention Center at the Puncak Police. Jaya and our perpetrators were caught in Law number 18 of 2012 concerning food and Article 204 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code with a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.

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