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The National Police Chief Opens the National Meeting of the Republic of Indonesia then 2021 – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

The National Police Chief Opens the National Meeting of the Republic of Indonesia then 2021 - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION


TANGERANG – National Police Chief, General Police Drs. Listyo Sigit Prabowo, M.Sc. opened a technical work meeting (Rakernis) for traffic functions (Lantas) in 2021 in Serpong, South Tangerang, Wednesday (10/3/2021).

In his direction, the National Police Chief appreciated the Lantas ranks for their hard work and dedication in maintaining security, safety, order and smoothness of traffic (Kamseltibcarlantas) in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“It is likened to a marvel film that the Traffic Police is like a man of steel because in any situation, rain, heat, darkness, disaster is always present,” said the National Police Chief.

The former Kabarerskrim Polri said that the traffic police (Polantas) were representatives of the National Police who were always at the forefront of serving the community.

“Of course there is an inherent risk. Positive activities will have a positive impact on the National Police organization and vice versa. So we have to maintain a good and excellent performance, ”he said.

Not to forget, this four-star general asked the Traffic Police to be able to carry out a precise transformation, both in organization, operations, public services and supervision. In addition, the Traffic Police officers are asked to utilize technology so that services to the community can be maximized.

“I ask Lantas to have a good performance and things that are at risk of being replaced by technology, and the task is focused on setting up the traffic jams,” he said.

Furthermore, the former Banten Police Chief said that the Traffic Police should think about how to provide community services, without the presence of the community. One example is how to make SIM services in the future can carry out the SIM exam with the application.

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“Just practice at the outlets that have been prepared. Maybe given a SIM practice simulation booth, “he said.



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