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The National E-TLE Will Be Effective Soon, Korlantas Polri Wants to Achieve Firm and Transparent Law Enforcement – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

The National E-TLE Will Be Effective Soon, Korlantas Polri Wants to Achieve Firm and Transparent Law Enforcement - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION


JAKARTA – Korlantas Polri will soon launch an electronic traffic law enforcement (e-TLE) camera on April 23, 2021. This e-TLE camera is Korlantas’s breakthrough to ensure strict and transparent law enforcement in the traffic sector.

Kasubditdakgar Ditgakkum Korlantas Polri Kombes Pol Abrianto Pardede revealed that the ETLE camera is a form of Korlantas Polri supporting the 100-day work program of Chief of Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo. More than that, there is an ETLE camera to ensure strict and transparent law enforcement.

“This can make community discipline better and obey traffic rules. Those who play robots without meeting with officers make it more transparent and create transparency, “said Kombes Abrianto Pardede when contacted, Friday (19/3/2021).

Abri, his nickname, said that the existence of a national E-TLE camera was a spectacular program. This is because the current e-TLE camera can detect the police number (nopol) of vehicles outside the area.

“It’s spectacular because the E-TLE is being updated. It is called national because it can take action against the political number outside the region. For example, Yogya can take action against plate H. Yesterday it was still regional. This means that all Polda can go to the police number of all vehicles. This means that it is not only specifically for Polda, so all vehicles anywhere can be prosecuted, “he explained.

Furthermore, Abrie said the E-TLE camera can also crack down on criminals. E-TLE cameras can change the culture of people in traffic.

“E-TLE also enhances the culture of orderly traffic. Because the E-TLE camera is not favoritism. Do not want to pay block right away. There E-TLE also supports government programs, odd even. New normal. Can’t meet. We support policy, “he said.

At this stage 1, Korlantas Polri will launch 244 E-TLE cameras at 12 Polda. The 244 E-TLE cameras are scattered in Polda Metro Jaya 98 points, Polda Riau 5 points, Polda East Java 55 points, Polda Central Java 10 points, Polda South Sulawesi 16 points, Polda West Java 21 points, Polda Jambi 8 points, Polda Sumatera West 10 points, Polda DIY 4 points, Polda Lampung 5, Polda North Sulawesi 11 points, and Polda Banten 1 point.

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