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The form of Caring for the West Java Mobile Brigade continues to urge residents to continue to use masks when doing activities

Wujud Peduli Brimob Jabar Terus Imbau Warga Tetap Gunakan Masker Saat Beraktivitas


Bandung, – Should see a situation like this where the Corona Virus Transmission is increasing again, our society should raise awareness again and always follow government rules and recommendations in carrying out activities outside the home and socializing among others.

As recommended by the current government, it is obligatory to use a mask when doing daily activities and remain consistent in implementing the 5M rule so that the risk of being exposed to the Corona Virus can be minimized.

“We are carrying out patrols of the residents’ symbol to maintain human rights and social security and we appeal to the public to keep wearing masks, and as much as possible apply 5M,” said Bripka Ahmad. Friday (12/03/2021)

West Java Police Mobile Brigade Commander Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, when confirmed in a different place, confirmed this. “Currently, people must remain disciplined and not be proud, especially when doing activities outside the home, keep wearing masks, we better prevent before it’s too late and as much as possible avoiding crowded places of people , because things like that are the starting point for the spread of the Corona Virus, “he said.

“Our activities are carried out in the Talun Rancaekek District. Bandung, we hope that residents always use masks when they are outside the house, do not take the current situation lightly, because of the increase in the transmission of the Corona pandemic because we lack discipline in obeying the current government rules and recommendations, “he concluded.



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