The form of Brimob Service for the Community, Routine Sambang Kamtibmas Patrol

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Wujud Bhakti Brimob untuk Masyarakat, RutinPatroli Sambang Kamtibmas

Cirebon, – Members of Company 2 Battalion C Pioneers of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Unit actively carry out routine patrols of the sambang giving advice to residents who are gathering to adhere to health protocols and always wear masks when leaving the house to prevent transmission of the Corona virus or (COVID-19) . Thursday (11/03/2021)

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This activity is routinely carried out by the ranks of the Pioneer Battalion C, especially the members of Company 2 Battalion C Pioneer with the aim that the community is always healthy and more aware of the dangers of spreading the covid-19 virus, and in order to create a safe and conducive environment, especially the Cirebon Regency area.

In accordance with the direction of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Dansat Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, through a WhatsApp message and the West Java Regional Police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) ordered Danki 2 Battalion C Pioneer and forwarded it to members of Company 2 Battalion C an Aiptu Yogie Sugiarto to carry out active appeal and outreach activities to the community to wear masks and keep distance when crowding, diligently wash hands and live clean and healthy “as a joint effort to reduce the risk of the Corona virus or (COVID-19)”

In addition to actively carrying out the social security, members also conveyed messages about how important it is to use masks during activities outside the home, especially at work, it is very important to use masks so as not to get infected from the virus or (COVID -19).

In the activities of Brimob Company 2 Battalion C Pelopor members always advise and direct the community to be asked for awareness in living a new life adaptation in the covid-19 season to always wear masks, wash hands and keep their environment clean.

Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, also added that “this sambang activity is a form of West Java Police Mobile Brigade Service for the community in presenting the State in the midst of society”.

“This is a form of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Service in this case in the Cirebon area, to create a sense of security and comfort as well as emotional closeness between Brimob and the community in breaking the chain of Covid-19 Virus,” he said Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono.


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