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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tour Creator website is now available

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tour Creator website is now available


You can now show off your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons using posters or a video.

Visiting the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons website, you will need to scan a QR code with your phone to get started. Then Tom Nook will walk you through a tool that you can use to promote your island.

Players wanting to show off their island can use the Island Tour Creator to make two types of promos. These are a classic tourism poster and a full-fledged trailer.

The first step is to choose which one you would like to make. Choosing poster, you will enter the name of your island, choose a screenshot for the poster, and follow the next steps.

When making a trailer, you can choose up to three features of your island to show off. These include photo ops, the museum, fashion, events, home, items, neighbors, and more.

You will then choose up to three screenshots or one video to highlight each island feature selected.

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Screenshots or videos that you’ve already posted to your account, even Twitter, can be used to create posters or a trailer.

You will need to have a smartphone to use the creator, plus a Nintendo Account.

The game was recently updated on March 18 and saw players receiving a 1st Anniversary Cake. And starting on March 26, the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack will be available for purchase at Target stores across the US. These amiibo cards can be used to invite residents inspired by popular Sanrio characters to your island.

The update also updated the Custom Design Pro Editor to the NookPhone, and a Custom Design Portal.

There are also new seasonal items coming to the game such as a variety of colors of whoopee cushions. These can be ordered between March 26 and April 1 from the in-game Nook Shopping service. There will also be prom-themed fashion items at the Able Sisters shop from April 1- 30. You can also order prom-themed items from Nook Shopping during this period.





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