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Tembagapura Police Chief and his personnel carry out a welcoming patrol for residents in Waa Banti village – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Tembagapura Police Chief and his personnel carry out a welcoming patrol for residents in Waa Banti village - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION


Mimika – In order to directly ascertain the situation of security and social security in the Tembagapura area, especially in Waa Banti Village and its surroundings, the Tembagapura Police Line is led directly by Ipda Police Chief Eduard Edison and involves 4 Tembagapura Police personnel Carry out patrols to the people of Kampung Waa Banti, Tembagapura District, Wednesday (03 / 03/2021).

The police chief on the occasion said that all people in Kampung Waa Banti and its surroundings support the TNI and Polri. In relation to law enforcement against the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), which wants to disturb the social security situation in Tembagapura District.

One of the Youth leaders, Yunus Magai, said that the people in Waa Banti Village and its surroundings currently want a safe and peaceful life. Currently, people want to live in peace so they can earn a living to support their families. We don’t want any group to always disturb security in Tembagapura because we want to live in peace in our village.

“The security apparatus still guarantees a sense of security to the community. We hope that if there are outsiders other than the people in Waa Banti village going in and out without a clear purpose, then immediately inform us so that we immediately check their goals, “said the police chief.

The police chief continued, apart from visiting the community in Waa Banti Village, we also took the time to meet and communicate with members of the Pamrahwan Task Force in Waa Banti Village.

The police chief reminded all members of the Pamrahwan Task Force to increase their vigilance after a firefight between the TNI-Polri security apparatus and the KKB a few days ago around Mile Point (MP) 53 forest, Tembagapura District, which killed one of the KKB members, Ferry Elas.

“With regards to the post-firing contact at mile 53, we hope to always increase awareness and prioritize safety. Increase patrols in each post area, establish communication with officers in the area, especially in the Waa Banti village, so that we can work together in maintaining security in the Tembapura District area, “concluded the Kapolsek.

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