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Target PS5 Restock Proves Huge for Many PlayStation Customers

Target PS5 Restock Proves Huge for Many PlayStation Customers


Target released a new restock of the PS5 this morning, causing the retailer to trend on Twitter. And according to the trend, many PlayStation fans were — finally — able to buy the console. At the moment of publishing, it appears the stock has been depleted, but not before many customers were able to secure an order of the elusive console, which has been as hard, if not harder, to find in 2021 as it was in 2020.

This morning, before many were awake, Target released not just new stock of the standard PS5, but the all-digital PS5, which has been by far the harder of the two models to find. Not only does its $400 price point drive more demand, but Sony has manufactured far fewer all-digital models, likely because it is eating far more costs manufacturing the cheaper PS5.

That said, while Sony is likely losing with every all-digital model it sells, today many PlayStation customers won. Typically, when a retailer trends because of a PS5 restock, the trend is brimming with negative tweets from frustrated PlayStation customers. However, many, if not a majority, of the tweets under the trend are actually positive and from those sharing their success stories. Of course, this could be a misleading observation, but it may also indicate that demand for the console is finally starting to falter, because it’s not like there’s more stock than there was before. Production issues continue to limit stock.

What A Morning




The Fight Is Finally Over


A Small, But Much-Needed Victory




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