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POLRES BANYUASIN – Tanjung Lago Police Uncover Criminal Cases of Motorcycle theft. Based on LP / B – 06 / III / 2021 / Sumsel / BA / Sek Tanjung Lago. March 9, 2021. The crime was committed on Sunday March 7, 2021 around 23.30 WIB in Suka Tani Village, Tanjung Lago District, Kab. Banyuasin.

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The victim is Rudianto (20), having his address at Suka Damai, Tanjung Lago District, Banyuasin Regency. Meanwhile, Perpetrator Slamet Utomo (SU) is 29 years old, having his / her address at Desa Suka Damai, RT 19/01, Tanjung Lago District, Regency, Banyuasin. And the witness Aprianto (21), Suka Damai Village, Tanjung Lago Banyuasin District. Leo Saputra (20) having his address at Line 8, Sumber Marga Talang Village, Telang District, Banyuasin.

Chronology of the incident, on Sunday 7 March 2021 at around 20.30 WIB, the victim, together with Leo Saputra, went to see lumping horse art in Sukatani Village, Tanjung Lago Banyuasin District, using his motorcycle Honda Supra X 125 white color in 2010. With a Police Number BG 3904 IA at the roadside parking lot is locked. By the time the victim was about to go home, the motorbike was no longer in the parking lot. Due to this incident, the victim reported the incident to the Tanjung Lago police precinct.

On Tuesday 9 March 2021 Around 12.00 WIB. The Tanjung Lago police opsnal members received information from residents that the alleged perpetrator (SU) was dismantling a white Honda Supra X 125 motorbike at his house. Then the opsnal members and the Head of Criminal Investigation went straight to the perpetrator’s house. Then an arrest attempt was made at home (SU). At the time of the arrest, SU admitted that he had stolen the motorbike belonging to Rudianto in the parking lot at the lumping horse event in Sukatani village.

Then the perpetrator along with the evidence of the motorbike and motorcycle body that had been dismantled were secured, then the perpetrator and the evidence were brought to Mako for further information on Wednesday (10/3/2021)

Article imposed, Article 363 paragraph 1 letters 3, 4 and 5 of the Criminal Code. The evidence that was secured included the body on the left and right and the head of the Supra X 125 motorcycle, a white STNK and BPKB sheet for the Honda Supra X 125 motorbike in 2010, 1 unit of the Honda Supra X 125 motorbike in white in 2010.

The action taken by the Tanjung Lago Police
secure and BAP suspects, Confiscate Evidence, Complete Mindik, Send BP to the Prosecutor

“Our next action completes mindik
Coordination with Satreskrim, Banyuasin Police Send BP to the prosecutor, then we will report back on further developments.
Thank you, “said Kapolsek Tanjung Lago Iptu Galu Siska Pangestu S Tr k.


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