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Talun Polsek Personnel at Blitar Police Receive Covid 19 Vaccination at UPT Puskesmas Talun – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Talun Polsek Personnel at Blitar Police Receive Covid 19 Vaccination at UPT Puskesmas Talun - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION


Blitar – Talun Police personnel at the Blitar Police today participated in the Covid-19 / Sinovac vaccine injection at the Talun Puskesmas UPT, Saturday, February 27, 2021.

Sinovac Vaccine injection begins today aimed at members of the Talun Police, Muspika and Public Servants at the UPT Talun Puskesmas according to the schedule of all members of the Talun Police, Talun Village, Bajang Village and Kamulan Village.

Kapolsek Talun AKP Mulyanto, SH said that the Sinovac Vaccine injection activity was carried out to increase public confidence that the vaccines given did not cause side effects, were safe and lawful as stated by competent institutions such as BPOM & MUI. For vaccine recipients before being injected, they have to do several steps that must be passed such as blood sugar checks and blood pressure checks. For those receiving vaccines who have a history of disease, it is not recommended to continue the vaccination injection process, he said.

The Chief of Talun Police added that according to the Head of Puskesmas Talun that vaccination was carried out to complement the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, but we all must remain disciplined in adhering to the 5M Health Protocol such as wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and limiting mobility and interaction as recommended by the government. . Let us together support Covid-19 Vaccination to help government programs in accelerating the handling of Covid-19 so that its spread can end soon.



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