Students of Delhi University have a request for Emma Watson

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DU students recently attempted their English paper, which was entirely based on Watson’s speech at the United Nations. Expressing their dismay, they spammed Watson’s inbox with requests to not give any more speeches!

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By Aprajita Sharad, New Delhi

UPDATED ON MAR 25, 2021 04:57 PM IST

If there’s someone who knows how to make a crowd laugh, it’s definitely the students of Delhi University! Thanks to them, Emma Watson has been receiving messages in her inbox, requesting her to refrain from giving long speeches. Are you wondering what’s this all about? DU students attempted their English paper, a few days ago, which surprisingly had most questions based on Watson’s recent speech at the United Nations. The students writing the exam were shocked to see that an entire paper could be set on one celebrity’s speech. As a way of expressing their dismay, the students spammed Watson’s inbox with funny statements like ‘Didi kabhi bhi speech dedeti ho? Thoda soch ke nahi bolte?’

“Bahut funny scene ho gaya tha. After attempting an entire paper on Emma Watson’s speech we decided to let her know how it felt and how our hands were paining because didi decided to give speeches on international platforms. Yeh kya na insaafi hai yaar, I mean poora paper based on one speech? Jaante hai you were Hermoine in Harry Potter magar bachho pe rehem karo, speech dena band karo,” quips Aatika Chaudhary, a student of Vivekananda College.

If you’re pondering what motivated the students to reach out to Watson, chalk it up to #CampusKhurafat. “It was supposed to be a funny outburst. One of my friends did it and the rest thought it was funny so a chain got created I think. Every person who did it shared the screen shot of the chat on their Instagram story and soon the trend became viral. Ab online exams ke time, there needs to be some campus fun na! The off side of living an online campus life is campus main khurafat nahi kar pate zyaada,” says Aarushi Singh, a student of Daulat Ram College.

Were the students expecting a response from Watson? “Arre that would have been epic! Humara prank successful ho jaata, but I think since the messages were sent in Hindi, she wouldn’t have understood. I mean how would she understand – Ek reel dekhi thi 30 second ki maine aapki us interview pe, yeh nahi socha tha vahi reel teen ghante ka paper ban jayegi,” says Akshita Chauhan, another student of Daulat Ram College. Conveying the basic message of the entire event, Manish Maurya of Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College says,“I just want to ask Emma didi, bachhe ki jaan leke aa gaya swaad?”

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