Struggling to Participate in Developing Papua, Noak Orarei Returns to NKRI – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

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Struggling to Participate in Developing Papua, Noak Orarei Returns to NKRI - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

JAKARTA – One of the Sector Commanders of the Kosiwo Armed Criminal Group (KKB), Yapen Islands Regency, Papua, Noak Orarei alias Noki Orarei declared himself back in the bosom of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

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This statement was conveyed by Noak Orarei during a Press Conference held at the Yapen Islands Police Headquarters accompanied by family and relatives as well as the Head of Police and staff, Wednesday (17/3/2021).

Noak said this together with the sincere intention of making a commitment to his own will to return as an Indonesian citizen who is loyal to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

He invited friends all over Papua, especially in Yapen Islands Regency, who still support or fight for Papuan independence to immediately follow in his footsteps joining the Republic of Indonesia.

“I have been burdened with difficult situations. Today I am grateful and grateful to the Chief of Police Yapen for being well received and given assistance to be able to start a better life again for the welfare of my wife and children and my family, “he said.

On this occasion, Noak submitted evidence to the Police Chief in the form of 2 short-barreled homemade weapons, 7 5.56 jaliber ammunition, 1 7.6 caliber ammunition, 7 3.8 caliber ammunition, 1 Morning Star flag, 1 pair striped clothes and 1 striped jungle hat.

Head of Police Public Relations Division Inspector General Pol Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono, SIK, M.Si. said this was the result of the hard work of the Yapen Islands Police to approach and understand those who still want to escape from the Republic of Indonesia.

“Brother Noak Orarei has been involved and joined the KKB TNPB Saireri Region Leader. Rudi Orarei since 2014 and now has declared himself voluntarily returning to the bosom of the Republic of Indonesia, “he said.

According to him, so far the Yapen Islands Police have continued to make a family approach to Noak Orarei and his other colleagues by providing an understanding so that he can return as a community and return to the bosom of the Republic of Indonesia to participate in development.

“With the surrender of brother Noak Orarei, it is hoped that his other colleagues who are still joining the KKB group can be aware and also surrender themselves back to the NKRI, to participate in the struggle to participate in building Papua to be better,” said Head of Public Relations of the National Police Inspector General of Police Raden Prabowo. Argo Yuwono, SIK, M.Si.


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