SpecTip Launches Free Video-Sharing Website with Patented Ad-Free Tipping & Reward System

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VANCOUVER, B.C., March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SpecTip Communications Inc. announced that their free video-sharing website https://spectip.com/ will officially launch on April 7th, 2021 from their headquarters in the heart of Downtown Vancouver’s Business District. The new user-centric platform was built from the vision of cultivating a win-win atmosphere of sharing and reciprocity between Creators and Viewers.

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The video hosting service which is the first of its kind is supported by a new business model and several essential patents. SpecTip provides a secure online platform where Video Creators can upload their videos and share their digital content with the world. All videos posted on  https://spectip.com/ can be viewed for free, and Viewers also have the option of Tipping their favourite videos in order to show their appreciation and receive downloadable Rewards. A Tip which is defined as a service usage fee paid to SpecTip helps ensure an ad-free environment and also provides potential earnings for Creators.

Video Creators can use their imagination and intuition to come up with Rewards to share with their Viewers.  Rewards could be video or audio downloads, photos, books, articles, educational material, tutorials, diagrams, etc. Creators have the opportunity to join the SpecTip Creator Program to post their Videos & Rewards on the website and may be eligible to earn a Content Contribution Fee in consideration for sharing their content.

SpecTip recognizes the value of the Creators’ intellectual property and artistry, and is dedicated to providing a creative outlet for not only Video Creators but also for Creators of other types of digital content. Emerging musicians, writers, podcasters, and artists including photographers and illustrators can use this innovative platform to introduce and share their digital content with their audience in the form of Rewards and Extra Rewards, and they also have the chance to get paid.

A statement from the CEO and founder, Tetsuro Kiyooka, reads, “SpecTip was born at the crosslines of technology and integrity. I don’t believe in advertisements and price tags on the internet, so I created this business model in which users have the freedom to pay tips spontaneously when and if they choose.”

SpecTip was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing an encouraging and inclusive platform where users can securely upload and view videos. The website’s several patents were approved by the WIPO in 2019. To learn more about the special features of the website, you can visit their About page at https://spectip.com/official/about

The SpecTip Team consists of a diverse group of passionate individuals who are committed to providing support and assistance to their users. They can be reached at [email protected] for questions and inquiries.

Media contact:
SpecTip Customer Service
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