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Sourcing capacity, finding freight don’t have to take all day – FreightWaves

Sourcing capacity, finding freight don’t have to take all day - FreightWaves


Most innovative solutions are inspired by seemingly insurmountable problems. Visibility solutions eliminate incessant check calls. Blockchain makes tracing payments and products throughout the supply chain simple. Digital freight matching tools take the time-consuming legwork out of matching freight to trucks. Ultimately, frustrated people make the best disruptors; that is exactly what happened to Daniel Santos. 

Santos started out as a traditional freight broker. While he excelled at his job, he soon realized the all-consuming nature of the role was taking him away from the things he loved — the gym and his family. All his frustration came to a head when he was faced with an impossible task.

“One day I came into the office and there were 20 shipments on my desk. Each one needed to be sold and picked up that same day; originating from and delivering to all over North America,” Santos said. “I did the math and realized that without a few miracles there was no way I could get this done in a single day. With 2.5 million trucks on the road, why couldn’t I find 20?”

Soon after, Evotrux was born. 

Santos wanted to find a way to keep freight moving without the around-the-clock phone calls and emails that have come to characterize the freight business. He wanted to make it possible to find 20 trucks on any given day by driving out widespread inefficiencies in the industry. 

Evotrux connects shippers, carriers and brokers with each other directly — never taking a commission. The company differentiates itself from the myriad of load boards out there by curating personalized experiences for all users and making freight matching quick and efficient. This gives users back the time they would normally spend looking through irrelevant postings, contacting uninterested carriers and making confirmation calls.

Evotrux offers users a simple four-step freight matching process:

Shipments are posted

When shippers or brokers post available freight, carriers within the Evotrux network are automatically notified. Carriers are only notified about shipments that match their needs. This approach ensures carriers are not spammed with irrelevant opportunities and increases the odds that well-matched carriers will pick up shipments quicker.

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Offers are made

Targeted carriers make offers on available shipments, and shippers review those offers to pinpoint the best one. If needed, shippers are able to counteroffer with interested carriers in order to close the deal.

Freight is booked

Once the final offer is accepted, Evotrux connects the shipper or broker with the carrier through a secure chat. This direct communication eliminates the need for a third-party go-between throughout the rest of the process, further reducing inefficiencies.

Experiences are reviewed

Once the transaction is complete, both parties get the opportunity to rate and review each other. This helps flag any issues that arise and keeps those within the Evotrux network accountable to each other.

The Evotrux process is easy to use, making more efficient freight movements accessible to all industry players. To keep the barrier to entry low, the company’s base offering — Evotrux Essentials — is free to use. 

Evotrux makes its product free by offering premium tools aimed at helping users make more money in less time to those who are able to pay. The company also brings in revenue through enterprise custom data solutions and partnerships. The company is committed to keeping the base product free forever. 

Click here to learn how you can manage your freight movements without all the time-sucking phone calls and emails. 

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