Senpi and Documents of Banjar Police Personnel Checked

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Senpi and Documents of Banjar Police Personnel Checked

BANJAR CITY, – Banjar Police Chief AKBP Melda Yanny together with the Deputy Chief of Police, main officials as well as logistics personnel and the Banjar Police Propam carried out an inspection of official firearms including the completeness of the letter, on the page of the Banjar Police Headquarters, Thursday (4/3/2021).

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The examination includes the condition of firearms (senpi) and the completeness of the documents that have been borrowed from the Banjar Police.

“Firearms held by members of the National Police must always be maintained clean and proper. This activity follows up the attention of orders from the upper level units and in order to periodically check the routine activity schedule that has been carried out previously, “explained Banjar Police Chief, Meldy.

Meldy said, checking the condition and completeness of the firearm documents that were lent to the Banjar Police personnel as well as control and supervision of the firearm holders, then this checking was carried out periodically. (Jh)


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