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Satreskrim Polres Babar Checks Lurah Regarding Land Disputes in Tembelok Area – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Satreskrim Polres Babar Checks Lurah Regarding Land Disputes in Tembelok Area - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

[ad_1] (Babel) The West Bangka Police confirmed that it had received a report from a businessman in West Bangka, namely Leo Abdurrahman alias Men Kiong regarding a land dispute with Irfansyah, a resident of Muntok District.

Kasat Reskrim AKP Andri Eko Setiawan explained that currently investigators are in the process of clarifying the report from Leo Abdurrahman who is known to the owner of SPPBE (Elpiji Bulk Filling and Transport Station) Kelapa District, West Bangka Regency.

“It’s still a clarification process. The point is still to clarify first regarding the complaints of people claiming to have recognition of land rights, “explained AKP Andri, Sunday (14/03/2021).

AKP Andri Eko emphasized that the report was still being studied and explored. The party who was reported was on behalf of Irfansyah and the one who reported it was Leo Abdurrahman. “Reported Irfansyah, reporter Leo” was briefly AKP Andri Eko Setiawan.

AKP Andri added that the report he received was incomplete, including the location of the land in dispute. “There has not been a complete Kanit report to me. I’ll continue it later. It’s still a clarification process, bro, it’s still superficial, it’s still under investigation. From us, the data is still incomplete. “Not all of the complaint process can go up to the fingerprint, and even mediation can still be resolved,” said the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit.

AKP Andri Eko explained that his party was conducting a clarification process in advance to understand the land issues of both parties, and said that the issue could still be made peace if the reporting party did not object to being mediated.

“We also do not want to convey a problem where the outcome is not clear or it is not certain that it is a crime, yes, it could be, if the reporter does not object to being mediated,” he said.

This land dispute has also dragged down a number of local government officials, one of which is the Head of the Tanjung Village, Dipa and his staff.

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Dipa admitted that he had been summoned by the police for questioning on February 23, 2021. “The land area is 0.63 ha. February 23, 2021, investigators asked for information from the West Bangka Police, “said Dipa, Monday (15/03/2021).

Dipa revealed that the land reported by Men Kiong was in the Tembelok area, Tanjung Village, Muntok District, West Bangka Regency. “Entering the APL area is 0.63 ha. Lah was one of those who were summoned by the investigators. From mid-February the problem was related to overlapping land tenure. Claim each other, “said Dipa. Dipa added that initially Men Kiong bought the land from Cetin but after that Irfansyah claimed that it was his land.



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