Sanggau Ledo Police Unveils Curanmor Case With Attached Key Mode – POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

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Sanggau Ledo Police Unveils Curanmor Case With Attached Key Mode - POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

Bengkayang Police – Sanggau Ledo Police, Bengkayang Police, West Kalimantan Police succeeded in securing a motor vehicle theft perpetrator (Curanmor) who was already in action in Sanggau Ledo.

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Kapolsek Sanggau Ledo Ipda Dwiyanto Bhanu Susilo, SIP in a press statement at the Police Headquarters on Monday (8/3/2021) said that the Sanggau Ledo Police Reskrim unit succeeded in uncovering the curanmor case. The perpetrator is a resident of one village and the victim.

The suspect arrested is S alias N (37) who works as a vegetable seller, a resident of Gua Village, Sanggau Ledo District, Bengkayang Regency.

“The suspect’s mode of action was to go around looking for the target motorbikes that were parked with their keys hanging off. After finding the target, he took the motorbike and took it away, ”said Kapolsek Sanggau Ledo.

It was explained that starting from the report of the loss of the victim’s motorbike on Thursday, February 11, 2021 at around 13.00 WIB The victim / reporter parked his Sepmot on the terrace next to his parents’ house who happened to open a Dsn coffee shop. Sanggau city Ds. Lembang kec. Sanggau ledo Bengkayang Regency.

After that the victim carried out activities to help his parents look after the coffee shop until around 21.00 WIB. When the coffee shop was about to close, the victim looked at the terrace and it turned out that his sepmot was no longer there where he had parked it.

After that the victim kept trying to find it and thought that the sepmot was used / borrowed by the victim’s uncle, but when the victim’s uncle came the victim was shocked because after being asked that the victim’s uncle did not use / borrow the victim’s motorbike. Then on February 13, 2021 the victim reported the incident to the Sanggau Ledo Police for follow-up.

“Based on the victim’s report, an investigation was carried out, until it was discovered that the motorcycle belonging to the victim was seen in his own village after the perpetrator sold it to his fellow villagers,” said the police chief.

“Evidence that was successfully secured was a motorcycle type Honda Supra x NF 100 D nopol KB 3290 EE and the STNK of the motorbike”, explained the police chief.

Kapolsek Sanggau Ledo added that the suspect was subject to Article 362 of the Criminal Code concerning Theft.


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