Reviewing Micro PPKM, This is the Synergy of Kodim 0815 and Polresta Mojokerto – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

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Reviewing Micro PPKM, This is the Synergy of Kodim 0815 and Polresta Mojokerto - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Mojokerto – In order to increase the synergy of the TNI – POLRI, the Mojokerto Police Chief Synergizes with Dandim 0815 Mojokerto to carry out 16 priority programs of the National Police Chief through Strengthening Police Support in handling Covid-19.

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Together with a group of main officials from both the Mojokerto Police and the 0815 Kodim in the survey, the Gedeg Forkopimcam greeted them at the Gembongan Village Micro-Based PPKM Post. Wednesday (10/03/21) Evening.

Accompanied by the Head of Gembongan Village and Forkopimcam, the Head of Mojokerto City Police with Dandim 0815 checked Isoman’s place, the Medical Room, Prokes Equipment and the 5M PPKM Micro PPKM Appeal Banner.

“I am always ready if I get a visit from Pak Kapolresta and Pak Dandim 0815 at the PPKM Micro Posko in our village,” Welcomes Waras Head of Gembongan Village

The visit was held in the form of a kamtibmas discussion or Candimas, Kapolresta Mojokerto thanked the community members, Mr. Kades for welcoming him and I have seen that this Micro Scale PPKM has all the facilities and infrastructure supported.

“Of course, with the support of the residents, ladies and gentlemen, all of them with the green and yellow zones, I ask not to be complacent, to keep reminding each other of the covid-19 health protocol,” said AKBP Deddy Supriadi.

That all ladies and gentlemen need to pay attention to the prevention of Covid 19, don’t be careless because Covid-19 still exists, we don’t know when it will end. So it is necessary to be careful in carrying out outside activities, especially when working in Surabaya, basically, you have to maintain good health.

There is a wise word, “We and this virus are both creatures created by God, how come we lose to those who don’t have any sense, this virus does not choose who is attacked, for example I was on December 29, 2020, was exposed to the OTG results and January 7, 2021 I already recovered. “Said AKBP Deddy Supriadi

The community in the RT RW environment must be aware of the outbreak of the Corona virus, the main thing is to be careful even though the yellow / green flag is installed in front of the house, but still take care of themselves. Because Corona is endemic everywhere. The formation of body immunization / immunity because it has been vaccinated properly

“I just reminded again, to get enthusiasm for ladies and gentlemen, how can we not get bored of socializing the 5M health protocol and can pass this information on to our family and friends,” Message from the Chief of Police, Mojokerto.

Followed by remarks from Dandim 0815 Lieutenant Colonel Inf Dwi Mawan, SH conveyed, Thankfully Alhamdulillah in the Gedeg District area that has entered the green zone, this micro PPKM supervision is even more intensive and let’s remind each other and always be vigilant when we go out and always wear masks.

Evaluating after reviewing the Posko, “In this PPKM location, there is already a food barn, isolation / quarantine and a basic kitchen complete with infrastructure in the Micro-based PPKM Post,” said Lt. Col. Inf Dwi Mawan.

“Regarding vaccination, there is news about Hoax news because Covid-19 has a very extraordinary impact, don’t always believe the news,” Message Dandim 0815

I convey to all citizens when the vaccines arrive, I respectfully beg not to be afraid of being injected, let us support the Vaccination program.

This activity at PPKM Mikro, besides being attended by Forkopimcam Gedeg, was also attended by the Head of the UPT Puskesmas Gedeg Edi Gandaryanto, S, Nakes, Tomas Gembongan Village, Covid-19 Task Force Volunteers, PKK Cadre.


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