Realizing Kamseltibcar, West Java Mobile Brigade Personnel Help Gatur Traffic

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Wujudkan Kamseltibcar, Personel Brimob Jabar Bantu Gatur Lalin

Cirebon – One form of program in improving excellent police service to the community in Cirebon Regency and the implementation of the police as protectors, servants and community protectors is implemented by the personnel of Company 1 Battalion C Pelopor by carrying out traffic control activities when vehicle congestion occurs as a result of rush hour in the morning day. Tuesday (16/03/2021).

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As it was held today, the personnel carried out traffic shifts at the intersection of three of the Untag Campus Jalan Perjuangan, Cirebon City.

Bripda Jajang and also Bharatu Ari Hamdani said that this traffic control activity was carried out regularly every morning at several congestion points both in the City and Regency of Cirebon in order to create a smooth flow of traffic on the highway.

This activity is a form of service for the personnel of Company 1 Battalion C Pioneer to the people in Cirebon, especially especially those who mostly carry out their activities in the morning, be it employees who will work, or school children.

West Java Regional Police Mobile Brigade Commander Kombes Pol Yuri Karsono, SIK said, “For traffic control activities in the morning by the personnel of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Sat Brimob is a form of service to citizens from the police, in this case the Brimob Unit for road users”.

“The main purpose and objective is that the road user community will be guaranteed safety and can carry out all their activities safely and smoothly. This has become a routine and we will continue to improve it in the future, in order to provide the best service to the community, ”explained Yuri Karsono.

It is hoped that with the presence of Brimob personnel in the community to carry out traffic control, the benefits can be felt directly by all road users and can minimize the level of violations as small as possible and the number of traffic on the road.

In addition, on this occasion, we always urge the citizens to be orderly in traffic, be it orderly in the administration of vehicle documents or administration in driving such as driving licenses (SIM).


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