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Rain Flows in Cianjur, Members of West Java Mobile Brigade on Alert Patrol of SAR to Anticipate Disaster

Hujan Mengguyur Cianjur,  Anggota Brimob Jabar Siaga PatrolI SAR Antisipasi Bencana


Cianjur, – 1 team of 10 personnel led by Bripda Raihan Iqbal carried out SAR patrols in the Cipanas area, especially on cliffs in Cipendawa village, Jalan Raya Cipanas Cianjur. Friday (12/03/2021).

Previously, the rainfall in the Cipanas Cianjur Subdistrict area and evenly distributed in other areas was quite high plus the geographical conditions of the Cipanas District area were hilly areas with unstable land contours, and this resulted in natural disasters in the form of landslides.

Seeing this, Bripda Raihan Iqbal together with 10 personnel wearing raincoats and complete SAR activities monitored the peak area after the occurrence of frequent landslides.

According to residents around “the river in the area of ​​the rear village of Cipanas Cianjur is very heavy, a lot of rubbish is seen piling up around the drainage stream”,

“Recently, the rain has flushed in the Cipanas area and it has never subsided there is a fear of a natural disaster,” said Danki 4 IPTU Dani Irmawansyah.

Besides IPTU landslides, Dani Irmawansyah as Danki 4 Battalion B Pelopor emphasized “anticipation for flash floods, fallen trees and landslides we anticipate through checking or by SAR patrols”, said Danki 4 IPTU Dani Irmawansyah.

Commander of Brimob Polda Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, added that “this SAR patrol activity is a form of West Java Police Mobile Brigade Service for the community in presenting the State in the midst of society”.

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“This is a form of West Java Police Mobile Brigade Service, in this case in the Cianjur area, to create a sense of security and comfort as well as emotional closeness between Brimob and the community in anticipating disasters,” said Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono.

He also emphasized that “We must be vigilant and we must protect the community, especially West Java, because we are members of the National Police who have an obligation to protect the community from all kinds of dangers,” he concluded.



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