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Public Lecture at UI, the Chief of Police Explains the Role of the National Police to Improve National Harmony

Public Lecture at UI, the Chief of Police Explains the Role of the National Police to Improve National Harmony


JAKARTA – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo gave a public lecture on nationality held by the Alumni Association of the University of Indonesia (Iluni), Postgraduate School of Strategic and Global Studies at the UI Campus, Depok, West Java, Wednesday (10/3/2021).

The National Police Chief explained the role of the National Police in order to improve the harmony of national life and precise law enforcement to realize an advanced Indonesia.

“The current challenge is the challenge of polarization, which still has barriers (obstacles) during the Pilkada and Pilpres. There has not been a move on to unite to build this nation,” said Sigit.

For that, continued Listyo, the National Police wanted to take a role in dealing with this problem by mainstreaming religious moderation.

Religious moderation in Indonesia is currently important based on the fact that Indonesia is a very diverse nation with various ethnicities, languages, cultures and religions. In addition, changing the mindset of Polsek throughout Indonesia as a basis for problem solving.

“And also provide space in the ITE Law to be given mediation,” said the National Police Chief.

On the other hand, the National Police Chief invited UI Alumni to see the opportunity for a demographic bonus in Indonesia so that it can trigger economic growth and development as well as welfare for the sake of community prosperity, one of which is by caring for diversity.

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“Efforts are also needed to jointly prevent Covid-19 so that it has an impact on the better economy,” said Listyo.

In this public lecture, the National Police Chief was accompanied by the Head of Criminal Investigation Division, Komjen Agus Andrianto, the Head of Public Relations Division, Inspector General Argo Yuwono and the Head of Propam Division, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo. Yadi / Public Relations.



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