Proving Safe, Intan Jaya Regent Gathering with Traders at Sugapa Market – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

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Proving Safe, Intan Jaya Regent Gathering with Traders at Sugapa Market - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Intan Jaya – Intan Jaya Regent Natalis Tabuni together with TNI-Polri personnel conducted a gathering to small businesses and traders by visiting Sugapa Market to provide a sense of security to the people in the area.

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Apart from visiting Papuan mama-mama traders, Intan Regent Naya Natalis Tabuni also had a direct dialogue with business actors at Sugapa Market regarding the social security situation so that this area would continue to be safe and conducive so that business people could sell activities comfortably.

Meanwhile, Intan Jaya Police Chief AKBP Sandi Sultan in a written statement from Intan Regency on Saturday said that the joint visit of TNI / Polri personnel with the Regent was expected to prove to outsiders that the situation of Intan Jaya’s Security and Community Protection was conducive.

“In the future, we will not only visit but we will make programs with the community in building a peaceful and prosperous Intan Jaya and join hands with elements of society, government and the TNI,” said the Police Chief.

He said, the future program for the welfare of the community with several agricultural and livestock programs in collaboration with the Noken Ops Nemangkawi Binmas Task Force and related governments.

In an effort to educate the future youth of Papua, he continued, continue to carry out the “Pi Ajar Police” education program as well as provide health services and will collaborate with the Ministry of Health and the Intan Jaya District health office.

In the field of infrastructure development, he continued, such as roads and electricity and clean water facilities and if necessary the expansion of the Intan Jaya airport which is currently still a pioneer to support the improvement of the community’s economy in collaboration with the Public Works office.

“Building mama mama traditional markets for the community by cooperating with the Public Works office and providing assistance to poor people through social services. And the most important thing is to provide a sense of security to the people of Intan Jaya so that they can carry out development programs in the regions, “he said.

As well as building communication to those who are still at odds by coordinating with the government, community and TNI / Polri in order to find the best solution for residents.


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