Press Conference at Polres Tulungagung, Involves Interpreters of Sign Language – POLRI’s Public Relations Division

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Press Conference at Polres Tulungagung, Involves Interpreters of Sign Language - POLRI's Public Relations Division

Tulungagung – A day before the end of his duties at the Tulungagung Police, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Ardyan Yudo Setyantono, SH, SIK accompanied the Tulungagung Police Chief AKBP Handono Subiakto held a press conference to reveal criminal cases from February to March 2021, Friday afternoon (19/3/21) )

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There have been a number of cases that were held in front of the media crew, namely theft with weighting using prying windows, theft disguised as PLN officers, extortion involving three (3) perpetrators claiming to be members of the National Police and cases of counterfeit money.

Of the four cases disclosed, 7 (seven) perpetrators were successfully secured, 3 of which were extortionists who claimed to be members of the National Police.

The modus operandi used by the three blackmailers was using a woman’s umoan for online prostitution transactions using a Facebook social media account, after the woman found a potential victim, the three perpetrators raided the victim at a boarding house previously prepared by the three perpetrators, namely AIG (25) , lk, address of sub-district Kutoanyar Tulungagung, DS, lk, 37, village / sub-district address Kedungwaru and SJ, lk, 44, village / sub-district address Kedungwaru Tulungagung. Furthermore, the three actors asked for a certain amount of money.

In the press conference held by the Tulungagung Police this afternoon, there appeared to be a different view from the previous press conference, this time the Tulungagung Police presented an “Interpreter” (Interpreter of Sign Language) who was standing next to the Tulungagung Police Chief.

“The presence of the Interpreter at the press conference is the first thing to be done by the Tulungagung Police and it will continue to make it easier for people with special needs to receive information via digital or television,” explained the Head of Tulungagung Police, AKBP Handono.

At the end of his statement, regarding the disclosure of the fake money case revealed by the Tulungagung Police, the Head of Tulungagung Police, AKBP Handono reminded the public through media crews who attended the press conference to be careful in transactions using cash, identify and pay close attention to the characteristics of real money through 3M, namely Seeing, Feeling and Seeing. (NN95)


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