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Potloc CEO Tops 2021 Forbes Under 30 List of Young Tech Leaders

Potloc CEO Tops 2021 Forbes Under 30 List of Young Tech Leaders


Potloc CEO Tops 2021 Forbes Under 30 List of Young Tech Leaders

Montreal, Canada – April 12, 2021 – Rodolphe Barrere, CEO of market research pioneer Potloc, Inc., has been named to the 2021 Forbes Under 30 list, a prestigious recognition of top young entrepreneurs and business leaders in a variety of industries. Barrere, 29, is the co-founder of Potloc, which is pioneering a new approach to consumer market research by leveraging the reach and precision of social media for improving the quality and accuracy of surveys. Given his French roots and Potloc’s strong presence in Europe, Barrere was chosen to grace the cover of the publication’s European technology edition. Barrere has overseen global growth for Potloc, including establishing its Montreal headquarters and U.S. operation in New York.

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Key Takeaways:

  • CEO and co-founder of market research company Poltoc, tops the prestigious 2021 Forbes Under 30 list.
  • The recognition validates the disruptive innovation Poltoc brings to the $80B global market research industry.
  • Potloc’s approach to consumer surveying based on social media networks, allows unprecedented levels of reach and precision and higher quality insights for businesses.

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About Potloc

Potloc is a tech-enabled consumer research company that conducts survey sampling through social networks. With its sampling technology, Potloc can reach any niche audience or geo-targeted survey respondents to provide businesses and organizations with valuable insights. Leading brands and top consulting firms worldwide leverage this sampling approach to acquire respondents, understand their consumer base, and solve strategic challenges. Headquartered in Montreal and founded in 2014, Potloc has global offices in North America and Europe. Check us out at


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