Polsek Siborongborong Ringkus Murder Suspect – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

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Polsek Siborongborong Ringkus Murder Suspect - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Polsek Siborongborong Polres North Tapanuli secures SN (18), the suspect suspected of murdering his own brother Ambronsus Nababan (34) using wood in Paniaran Village, North Tapanuli Regency (Taput), North Sumatra Province. Taput Police Chief AKBP Muhammad Saleh through the Head of Subdivision Public Relations of Aiptu W. Baringbing, Thursday (11/3), confirmed the murder incident.

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He said the suspect killed the victim using wood taken from the side of his house, then hit his brother on the head six times until he died at the scene. “The murder incident took place on Wednesday (10/3) afternoon at around 18.30 WIB,” he said. Lie down. He explained that at that time the victim of Ambronsus was angry for no reason and came to his mother Fine Tampubolon (61) to his house in Paniaran Village. At that time there were two of his younger siblings, namely the suspect SN and another younger brother, Suheri Nababan (22).

The victim doesn’t care about her two younger siblings. He immediately choked his mother’s neck and was about to stab her with the scissors she had prepared. Seeing this, Suheri secured the victim and evacuated his mother out of the house. “But the victim was still trying to chase his mother, so the suspect did not accept it and hit the victim’s head with a wood,” he said. After the victim died on the spot, the suspect immediately surrendered to the Siborongborong Police


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