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Polsek Doko Polres Blitar with Koramil Doko Distributes Free Masks to the Community – POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

Polsek Doko Polres Blitar with Koramil Doko Distributes Free Masks to the Community - POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

Blitar – Efforts to break the chain of the spread of covid-19, especially in the Doko District area, continue to be carried out by Doko Police personnel together with the Doko Koramil by carrying out yustisi operations in the Doko District area.

This activity is intended as a step in supporting the government to work together in order to break the chain of spreading covid-19.

This activity was held on the main roads of Jambepawon Village and Plumbangan Village, Doko District, Blitar Regency, Friday (12/3/2021).

“We do this activity on the sidelines of the Justisi operation and then we distribute masks to residents we meet who do not wear masks,” said AIPTU Timbul.

Still according to Timbul, we carry out this justisical operation every day by cooperating with Koramil colleagues by taking action against prokes violators, which then we distribute masks by continuing to urge residents to comply with health protocols, “he added.

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From the results of this activity, we still find that there are community members who do not use masks, they think they are normal and do not use masks so we take action with Push Up sanctions, then we distribute masks by appealing to wear masks anywhere, “explained AIPTU Timbul.

“We continue to remind the public to always comply with health protocols, including wearing masks when leaving the house, maintaining distance, and maintaining cleanliness, we do this with a humane and firmly so that residents want to discipline themselves and their families so that the chain of spread of Covid -19 can be prevented. “Closed AIPTU Timbul as the KSPK of the Doko Police.


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