Polres Kep. Anambas Incessantly Raids THM and Two-Wheeled Vehicles to Support the Police Chief’s Precision Program – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

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Polres Kep.  Anambas Incessantly Raids THM and Two-Wheeled Vehicles to Support the Police Chief's Precision Program - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

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ANAMBAS – Polres Kep Anambas in supporting the National Police Chief’s program, namely PRESISI (Predictive, Respective, Fair Transfiguration) and as a manifestation of Nawacita “The state is present in the midst of society.” currently intensively conducting raids on THM (Night Entertainment Places) and controlling two-wheeled vehicles (R2) in Siantan District, Kep Anambas Regency, Saturday (06/03/2020).

Giat Cipkon on Sunday night was led by the Deputy Chief of Police Kep Anambas Kompol Yudi Sukmayadi AMd with the involvement of joint personnel from traffic, Sat Samapta, Intel, Reskrim and Provos. Where the operational targets / targets are THM (night entertainment venues) such as Hello Kitty Karaoke, Siantano Familly Karaoke, Iwan Cafe and Anambas inn karaoke and for raids to control 2-wheeled vehicles located at the Jamik Mosque Simpang, Batu Lepe and the Taman Bermadah intersection.

As for the basis of the activities, namely the Police Law No. 2 of 2002 and Law No. 22 of 2009 concerning road transport traffic, which aims to control road users to reduce traffic violations and accidents.

Including checking the driver’s documents (sim) of STNK motorized vehicles and vehicle fittings such as (rearview mirror, helmet, TNKB / plate, tire function, brakes, exhaust etc.).

The results of the THM raids at several points / targets were not found in visitors who brought suspicious items such as drugs, pajamas, etc. and no unidentified visitors (KTP) were found.

However, from the results of controlling the R2 vehicle, there were 44 violators in the form of 14 people who did not use helmets, 13 people could not show their driver’s license, 17 people did not carry the STNK so that the two-wheeled vehicle (R2) was secured at the Siantan Police.

My hope is that the THM raids can create a sense of security, serenity and conduciveness in the Kep Anambas Regency area and the team also gives advice to the community to keep using the 4M health protocol and for users of R2 vehicles so that public awareness to have a SIM / STNK, wearing a helmet and equip vehicles so that they are roadworthy for the realization of immediate security (safety, order and smoothness of traffic).

For people who meet the requirements to take care of SIM C (R2 motorbike), they come to the Satpas 0932 Sat office and then Kep Anambas Police. .


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