Police Handles Cases of Sexual Harassment and Violence Against 25 Children in Timika – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

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Police Handles Cases of Sexual Harassment and Violence Against 25 Children in Timika - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Mimika – Located at the Mimika Police Headquarters, a press conference was held to reveal the perpetrators of cases of sexual harassment and physical violence against 25 students at a boarding school in Mimika, Papua Province, Saturday (13/03/2021).

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The activity was attended by Kasat Reskrim Mimika Police AKP Hermanto accompanied by KBO Satreskrim Iptu Andi Suhidin, Head of PPA Iptu Fanny Silvia, and Ps Head of Public Relations Mimika Police Headquarters Ipda Hempy Ona.

On the occasion, the Head of the Mimika Police Criminal Investigation Unit explained that from the results of the investigation and investigation, there were 10 victims who had experienced sexual harassment or obscenity by the perpetrator, while 15 others were subjected to violence.

“Most of the victims are boys, while for the female victims only one,” said the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit.

Furthermore, he said, the perpetrator was known to be an honorarium coach since 2020 at a boarding school located on Jalan Sopoyono, Kelurahan Wonosari Jaya – SP 4.

“Where the perpetrator’s lecherous treatment was discovered after the Principal found a student (one of the victims) crying in the dormitory room. From there the students revealed what the perpetrators had done so far, ”said AKP Hermanto.

Again, he added, the evidence that was successfully secured in the form of a stick and a cable was used by the perpetrator to threaten and beat the victims.

“Based on the statement of the perpetrator, the intention arose because he often bathed the students in the dormitory aged 6-13 years without clothes, that’s where the perpetrator started inviting the victim and harassing him,” said AKP Hermanto.

Again, we added, for his actions, our perpetrator was ensnared with the Child Protection Law with the threat of a sentence of 5 to 15 years, plus a third of the sentence so that it becomes 5 to 20 years.

“Currently the victims are accompanied by P2TP2A from the Mimika Regency Women and Children Empowerment Service, for special assistance,” concluded Kasat Reskrim Mimika Police AKP Hermanto.


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