Pasuruan City Police Conducts Ops Yustisi Prokes – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

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Pasuruan City Police Conducts Ops Yustisi Prokes - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

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Pasuruan Police – Following up on Presidential Instruction No.6 of 2020 concerning Increasing Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols in the Prevention and Control of Covid 19.

The Pasuruan Kota Polres together with the Pasuruan 0819 Military Command and the Pasuruan City Satpol PP carried out the Health Protocol Yustisi Operation in the context of disciplining the community to comply with the Health Protocol. Sunday (14/3/2021).

The Health Protocol Ops Yustisi activity was led by the Head of the SPKT Pasuruan City Police, Asep Soebiyantoro SH, which was held on Jalan Gajah Mada, Kec. Purworejo, Pasuruan City.

In this Ops Yustisi, strict action was taken for the community and road users who were caught not wearing masks by being given social warnings and sanctions to the violators, then the offenders were given free masks, this was not a punishment but so that the community obeyed the Health Protocol.

On this occasion at the same time socializing health protocols using loudspeakers to the public and road users with 5M, namely wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, reducing travel, this was done so that people avoid the outbreak of the spread of Covid-19.

IPTU Asep Soebiyantoro said that by implementing 5M, namely Using Masks, Washing Hands, Maintaining distance, avoiding crowds and reducing traveling, this is one way to break the chain of the Spread and Transmission of the Covid-19 Virus.


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