Papua Regional Police Head Work Visit Accompanied by Main Officials in Asmat District – POLRI’s Public Relations Division

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Papua Regional Police Head Work Visit Accompanied by Main Officials in Asmat District - POLRI's Public Relations Division

Jayapura – Located at the Asmat Police Headquarters Hall, a working visit of the Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police was held. Mathius. D. Fakhiri, S.IK in Asmat Regency, Monday (15/03).

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Present at the event were Karo Ops Polda Papua Kombes Pol Jeremias Rontini S.IK, PJU Polda Papua, Head of Police Asmat Akbp Dhani Gumilar SH, S.IK, MH, Deputy Regent of Asmat Regency Thomas Eppe Safanpo, Chairman of the Asmat Regency KPU, Chairman of the Regency Bawaslu Asmat, Pabung Koramil 1707, Asmat District, Deputy Chairman II of the Asmat Regency DPRD, Regional Secretary of Asmat Regency, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders and Customary Figures.

“My presence at this time hopefully can make a good contribution to the people of Asmat Regency, I just want to say that the democratic party has passed, let’s unite to build our beloved Asmat Regency with a sincere heart with the hope that the city of mud will become a respected city. and respected by other cities, “said the Papua Police Chief.

The Papua Police Chief said, “In the past, South Papua was famous for only two districts, namely the City of Deer and the City of Asmat with their carvings, this is a challenge for the new leader who currently has a Deputy Regent. it can also help build the economy in Asmat Regency. “

“In connection with the action of anarchism some time ago, we must jointly regret and evaluate to improve ourselves so that in the future the people of Asmat Regency can be more mature in responding to every problem,” said the Papua Police Chief.

The Papua Police Chief continued, I am a person from the Auyu tribe, in Mappi Regency, where the Auyu tribe is considered a large tribe and when I led I did not want to question tribal issues, which meant that whoever the leader was, where did he come from, who was he, leading well, we better support to build than we destroy the facilities that have been built.

On this occasion I also advised the Deputy Regent of Asmat Regency to convey to the Regent to always be in the Regency to provide services to the community and to listen to the complaints experienced by the community in Asmat Regency so that the community will feel served by their current leader.

And also I really hope with humility that all regional officials are always in the area to provide services to the people of Asmat Regency. As the Head of Papua Police, I will investigate this case as soon as possible and will provide understanding to the community so that in the future cases of anarchism will not occur again as before.

“I advise the Chief of Police to see more remote areas of Asmat Regency and to listen to the complaints of the people, not just sit quietly at the Polres if the Asmat Police Chief is not cooperative and does not actively listen to complaints from the community, ladies and gentlemen who are here please report to me and I will definitely replace the search for another Police Chief who is willing to listen and serve the people wholeheartedly, “said the Papua Police Chief.

The Papua Police Chief expressed his gratitude to the head of the KPU and Bawaslu of Asmat district for assisting the Police in organizing a good Pemilukada even though there were ripples at the end but all of these were challenges and were things that were evaluated so that the future would be better.

Through this moment, I also thank religious leaders, community leaders and traditional leaders in Asmat Regency for helping us, the KPU and Bawaslu in carrying out the General Election in Asmat Regency.

“Regarding the admission of Noken Noken there is an opportunity especially for religious leaders who have helped the police in carrying out their duties. It also does not rule out the possibility that he will help provide a sense of security in Asmat district when he returns to duty in Asmat district,” concluded the Papua Police Chief.

After carrying out a working visit to the Asmat Police, the Papua Police Chief boarded the plane and then left Asmat Regency.


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