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Outriders: Technomancer Class Tips & Tricks

Outriders: Technomancer Class Tips & Tricks


The Technomancers are versatile long-ranged specialists in the Outriders universe. Here are a few tips and tricks to help new players with this class.

Upcoming RPG shooter Outriders features four playable classes, each with eight unique skills that are adept to a certain playstyle. Players start with one skill and unlock more as they level up their class, although players can equip only three skills at a time.

One of these classes, the Technomancer, may be one of the most interesting of the three available. The class is incredibly complicated to get down, but the Technomancer’s ability to lock down the field from range makes them indispensable to a fire team.

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Technomancer Playstyle

Technomancers are long-ranged fighters and support specialists whose abilities revolve around a wide range of deadly contraptions. This class is most effective for players who pay special attention to combat flow and are more strategic when initiating fights and taking down enemies, going far beyond just dealing damage.

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Technomancers inflict status effects to help set up for takedowns or slow pursuers in a sticky situation. They also have the best healing mechanic out of the four classes, allowing them to heal their allies from a distance. Technomancers may fill a supporting role, but they can without a doubt create absolute carnage alone.

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Melee Skill

When enemies get too close for a Technomancer’s comfort, their melee skill halts enemies in their tracks to create some distance. Their melee skill applies the Freeze status to all enemies within a certain radius, rendering them unable to move or perform actions. It also does not take up a skill slot or require class points.

Using the melee skill while sprinting instead of standing changes it into a ground slam, which is useful for controlling groups or when a Technomancer is about to be surrounded. The ground slam has an increased AOE versus the normal melee skill but at the cost of a longer cooldown. Spamming this ground slam ability will further increase its cooldown, even when used with other abilities and weapon fire, so be sure to pick targets wisely or to save it for emergencies during combat.

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How to Heal

No matter how good a Technomancer fights, there is always a chance that they can get seriously hurt – especially when the tide of battle suddenly changes from the offensive to defensive. Because of how the Technomancer operates and specializes in keeping their distance, they have a huge vulnerability to enemies who are too close, which is why it is important to make use of their amazing healing ability.

A portion of the damage dealt by the Technomancer will recover their health. All the Technomancer needs to do is take advantage of their long-range and pepper their targets with bullets. Their class passives also boost their damage and anomaly power when it comes to using long-range weapons, further boosting the amount of health restored.

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Core Powers

A Technomancer’s skills all revolve around the class’s core powers with fundamental types/effects. These powers are Ordinance, Gadget/Turret, Decay, and Interrupt. Ordinance skills focus on summoning useful heavy weaponry for the Technomancer, like rocket launchers or miniguns, on a whim. Gadget/Turret skills help to control enemies by setting up/maintaining traps or automatic turrets. Decay skills act to inflict the Toxic status effect, which deals extra damage over time. Lastly, the interrupt skills help to stop oncoming attacks or abilities coming the Technomancer’s way.

Since the focus of a Technomancer’s skills and abilities are placed on indirect sources, make use of certain ability combos to help control hordes of enemies. Some skills make use of more than one core power, like the Scrapnel skill. This lets Technomancers throw a proximity explosive to deal massive AOE damage and interrupt multiple enemies’ attacks.

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Technomancer Class Points

Acquired via leveling up, players can alter their Technomancer playstyle through a skill tree unique to the Technomancer class. The skill tree is divided into three branches, with each branch leading to a particular sub-class when completed.  The Technomancer sub-classes are Pestilence, Tech Shaman and Demolisher. Skill points on the tree can be reset at any time to change the Technomancer’s playstyle.

These sub-classes affect the Technomancer’s damage and survivability. Pestilence focuses on boosting a Technomancer’s damage with guns and flows really well with Decay skills. Tech Shamans are focused on indirect damage, i.e., those from automated turrets or gadgets and have a second chance at battle when losing all their health. Demolisher is more well-rounded, synergizing with the greatest amount of a Technomacer’s skills and giving the melee skill Toxic effects.

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