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Ops yustisi Aru Islands Police with Koramil 1503-03 to prevent the spread of the covid 19 virus – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Ops yustisi Aru Islands Police with Koramil 1503-03 to prevent the spread of the covid 19 virus - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

The efforts of the Indonesian National Police in the Aru Islands region to combat the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid 19) are continuing.

This morning, Monday. 15/03/2021. At 09.00 WIT, the Aru Islands Resort Police and the TNI again visited a number of crowded spots to give an appeal as well as socialize the community in the area nicknamed Kota Mutiara Indah Lestari.

Before this noble action was carried out, Aru Islands Police and TNI personnel held a joint rally at the 1503 / O3-Dobo Sub-District Military Command (Koramil) Field.

Commander Sub-District Military (Danramil) 1503/03-Dobo, Captain Inf. Bakri Renhoat on that occasion said, the appeal and socialization of Prokes to the public would continue to be carried out by the ranks of the Indonesian National Police in the Aru Islands Regency.

“This is an effort to attract public attention in increasing awareness of compliance with Prokes, especially those carrying out activities around the Jargaria Dobo market,” he said.

The man with the rank of Captain hopes that the calls and socialization that is intensively carried out by the TNI Polri in Aru can increase awareness and participation of the community in helping the government to prevent and break the chain of Covid 19.

“Yes, we TNI and Polri in this area, in essence, will continue to carry out appeals and outreach to the community. But without awareness and public participation in breaking the chain of Covid 19, all will be in vain,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the Bhayangkara.ld Press monitored, during this activity, personnel from the Aru Islands Police and the local TNI were seen standing on the edge of the road and even in the middle of the Jargaria Dobo market holding loudspeakers while unfurling banners containing writings and pictures about the 3 M health protocol appeal ( Wearing a mask, maintaining distance and washing hands), which are his efforts to prevent and stop the spread of Covid 19.

It seems that the personnel of the Indonesian National Police are very willing to give an appeal to residents who are caught not wearing masks. Residents who are negligent of the prokes are immediately given socialization about the Prokes so that they are avoided and the ‘corona virus.


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