Ngawi Police Holds FGD with Security Guard – Journal of Security

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Ngawi Police Holds FGD with Security Guard - Journal of Security | Ngawi – The Ngawi Police Community Development Unit (Satbinmas), held a Group Discussion Forum (FGD) with dozens of security guards at the Ngawi Police Hall, Wednesday (17/03).

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In his mandate, Kapolres Ngawi AKBP I Wayan Winaya said that the participation of security guards is needed in realizing conducive kamtibmas in his work environment.

“The role of security guards in carrying out their duties with the aim of making the environment in which they work conducive is important,” explained the Police Chief as quoted.

The police chief hopes that after participating in the event, security guards can further increase their professionalism on duty. Because this is related to the role of the security guard as a partner of the police in maintaining security and order in the environment where he works.

“We hope that security guards can work responsibly and become more professional,” explained the Kaplres.

In addition to debriefing and providing materials related to security duties and functions, new uniforms were also socialized for security guards.

“In this event, we will also socialize about the new uniform form of the official security guards,” concluded the son from the Island of the Gods.[lian]


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