Myanmar junta orders shutdown of wireless internet services

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Myanmar’s military junta has ordered internet service providers to shut down the country’s wireless services, telecommunications company Ooredoo said.

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“Only fiber line will be working starting from tomorrow,” the company told AFP. “We got instructions from the authorities recently.”

This was the latest such move to suppress communication in a country where many are reliant on wireless internet and don’t have access to fixed-line service.

Dozens of UN member nations issued a statement denouncing internet shutdowns and attacks on freedom of expression in Myanmar.

Penned by France, Greece and Lithuania, the statement expressed “deep concern” over the plight of journalists and media workers since the military seized power in a February 1 coup.

We “strongly condemn their harassment, arbitrary arrests and detention, as well as of human rights defenders and other members of civil society,” the statement read.

“We join the call for an immediate release of all those detained arbitrarily.”

The statement also blasted the use of internet shutdowns “to curtail access to information”.

Among the signatories on the statement are all members of the EU, the UK, the US and Mexico. China and Russia are notably absent.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)

Originally published on France24


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