Muara Kelingi Police Receive Handover of Sepucuk Senpira – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

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Muara Kelingi Police Receive Handover of Sepucuk Senpira - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

MUSI RAWAS -Polek Muara Kelingi received the handover of one Assembled Firearm (Senpira), a long barrel of a kecepek type with a wooden butt.

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The village head of Lubuk Muda, Mifta Khoiri, handed over the Senpira to the Deputy Head of Police, Muara Kelingi, Iptu Herdiansyah and Chief of Criminal Investigation, Ipda Eko Setiawan, representing the Head of Muara Kelingi Police, AKP Hendrawan, at Muara Kelingi Police Headquarters, at around 10.15 WIB, Wednesday (17 / 3/2021).

“Yes, today the Muara Kelingi Police, received the submission of senpira of the kecapek type from the residents and was handed over by the Head of Lubuk Muda Village, Mifta Khoiri,” said Mura Police Chief, AKBP Efrannedy through the Muara Kelingi Police Chief, AKP Hendrawan.

AKP Hendrawan explained that, of course, he would like to express his gratitude as well as his appreciation to the residents of Lubuk Muda Village and the village head for handing over the sempira.

“This is a form of evidence, that citizens have a better understanding of obeying the law,” explained the Kapolsek.

Furthermore, the Kapolsek explained, this was a form of persuasive action from the police regarding the Senpira operation, so the community would gradually become aware of the law to hand over the senpira they had because it was against the applicable law.

“With preventive and persuasive actions by the police, it will reduce the crime rate so as to reduce the turmoil of kamtibmas disturbances, especially in the Muara Kelingi Police area,” said the former Megang Sakti Police Chief.

The police chief appealed to residents who still keep senpira illegally, it would be better to hand over immediately.

“Because, there is no point in keeping these items, in fact it will violate the law to send the elements behind bars,” he concluded.


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