Microsoft transforming Bing into visually appealing search engine!

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Microsoft Bing has announced that the search engine would provide a more visually immersive search experience from now. A user will be able to view and interact with search engine results in a holistic manner. For example, Microsoft Bing can now show an aggregate view of a recipe when users search for them. Of course, much work takes place under the hood.

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It is no secret that Microsoft Bing has been working hard to compete with Google, which holds better market share and popularity. The Redmond-based tech giant has added some innovative features to its search engine in the past year.

According to Microsoft, Bing will offer this interactive experience by indexing various information from the website and arranging the same as per users’ demands. In the case of recipes, Bing will have all kinds of data at its disposal from the very beginning.

“At Microsoft Bing we’re looking for ways to give you back time so you can focus on the things that really matter. We’re also looking for ways to move thoughtfully beyond a list of links, to a world of search results that seamlessly combine information with visually rich imagery in a single beautiful view,” Microsoft said.

As the user scrolls down and clicks on a particular entry, it will show the specific details such as an ingredient list and the nutritional information of the recipe. The company says Bing provides a more intelligent search experience when dealing with other categories.

When a user searches for “DIY coffee table,” for instance, Bing can now make smart suggestions. All these work in tandem with the other visual-oriented features from the search engine.

Another aspect of the immersive search overhaul is that Bing can extract data from sources and arrange it in an infographic-inspired design. When users search for “giraffe,” Bing will show you impressive infographics on the results page.

Bing also seems to have sorted out the integration between Bing image results and some other solutions like local answers and Bing Maps. Thanks to this, the search engine result pages from Bing will now contain more information about pages — such as locations, local attractions, and ratings — in place of simple images and placeholders.

Microsoft believes this feature would add more value to the search experience from Bing. Many of these services are now available only in the United States, but Microsoft says they will have a global expansion in the upcoming months.

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