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Maximizing Service, Head of Cikancung Police Raises Zero C3 Towards a Conducive Community Service

Maksimalkan Pelayanan, Kapolsek Cikancung Gelorakan Zero C3 Menuju Kamtibmas Kondusif


Regency. Bandung, – After officially serving as Head of Cikancung Police, Bandung Police, West Java Police AKP Iwan Cahyadi SIKom,MM will try to maximize services to the community, consistency of events (C3) Curat Curas and curanmor in order to create a situation of public order security (Kamtibmas). conducive.

This was said by the Kapolsek during a farewell and welcoming ceremony for the Head of Cikancung Poresta Bandung Police from AKP.H. Saripudin to the AKP. Iwan Cahyadi, SIKom, MM which was held in the open room of Cijapati Village, Cikancung District, Bandung Regency. Wednesday (3/03/2021).

Photo: Kapolsek Cikancung AKP. Iwan Cahyadi, SIKom, Shaking hands with the Director of PT. The Jembar Anugerah Patrol welcomed the Head of Cikancung Poresta Bandung Police from AKP.H. Saripudin to the AKP. Iwan Cahyadi, SIKom, MM which was held in Cijapati Village, Cikancung District, Bandung Regency. Wednesday (3/03/2021).

Farewell and welcome attended by the Head of Cikancung Sub-District, Danramil 2402 / CCN, Director of PT. Patrol Jembar Anugrah, H. Heru K. Budiman, Chairperson of the Cikancung Apdesi along with Village Heads in the Cikancung sub-district and other invited guests.

The new Cikancung police chief was inaugurated by the Bandung Police Chief on Monday (1/03 2021) to journalists conveying, with the position currently held, it is a mandate that must be carried out, what are the duties and functions of the Indonesian National Police.

Said Iwan, within 100 working days. We as public servants must be sincere in carrying out our duties, so that in the next 100 days we will serve the community and rotate 100 titles, it is hoped that the community will establish inner and outer friendship so that it will maintain order and security of the community.

Regarding community diseases, the Kapolsek explained, as was conveyed by the Alim Ulama. We Cikancung Police will be consistent gelorakan C3 (Curat, curas and Curanmor).

“We will be indecisive, because this is a trajectory and whenever there is gambling we will act decisively and indiscriminately with what law enforcement is expected by the public figures,” said. The sign.

According to him most importantly, in the future his party will first strengthen the internal synergy of all open and closed tasks and functions as well as transparency. We would like to thank our media colleagues because without our media there is nothing, we hope that for one month we will expose public diseases.

“We ask the public not to be afraid to inform us, not to be obstructed in communication, we want to do nothing like what with a total population of 9 villages,” he said.

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Furthermore, the police chief said, with only 26 personnel it was tough, but we are sure that with the same intention with goodness we create conducive katimbas and we will drecrarasi zero C 3 and we ask journalists to escort if there are people there and our members convey it to me. said the police chief. (Abah / Yopi)



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