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Maintain Solidarity, Deputy Head of Garum Police, Blitar Police Head of Morning Apples Emphasize Members – POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

Maintain Solidarity, Deputy Head of Garum Police, Blitar Police Head of Morning Apples Emphasize Members - POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION


Blitar – Garum Police conducted morning apples in the front yard of Garum Police Monday 03-15-2021,
The morning apple is held in front of the Garum Police headquarters, every member of the National Police is obliged to carry out and receive directions from the leadership before carrying out the duties of the morning apple led by the Deputy Chief of the Garum Polsek IPTU JAKA WALUYA

emphasized that members of picket activities are carried out in an orderly manner to improve discipline on the apple, handover of guard, service officers. continue to maintain cleanliness, tidiness in the work environment and mako and optimize the supporting data for each police station area. any salient incidents and potential conflicts report quickly and take prompt action. Social problems that can be resolved in the area of ​​the police force to immediately take action to optimize and coordinate the KTS PPKM micro with the village / kelurahan office for isolation.

The Deputy Chief of the Garum Police emphasized that apart from carrying out the justisi OPS so that the guarding members carry out patrols in the rice fields / bulak sawah to prevent crime, besides vital objects such as BANK, gas stations and other places, and vaccine warehouses must also be patrolled.

Not only that, it is also emphasized on members to always be disciplined in carrying out their duties as state servants, without committing the slightest violation. Because violations committed by members can damage the image of the Police, said Deputy Chief of Garum Police.



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