List of biggest website development trends transforming 2021

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The expectations of users are always growing and so it is very much challenging for the developers to create a digital as well as engaging experience. Content must be accessed anytime and from anywhere and so the software must be innovative in nature.

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The latest trends of website development are something that plays a major role in the case of any business to accelerate its growth. Today’s world is full of competition and so everyone must adapt to these technology trends or else they will lag behind their competitors.

Some of the major website development trends of 2021 are given below-

Progressive web app or PWA

PWA or the progressive web app is not the phenomenon of this year. However, the technology is successful to gain modern developers along with investor’s attention.

This is because of the user experience which is of high-quality similar to that of the native apps. Now according to various data and researches, it has been found that around 65 percent of online shopping has been done through mobile devices.

The rising website trends of PWA make it helpful for the users to see their favorite websites in a desktop or mobile web browser. Moreover, there is no need for the user to download computer programs or special apps.

In the year 2021 PWAs will be written with CSS and HTML, React, JavaScript or Angular. PWA is responsible for allowing a better user experience without the needs of programming and can provide the user with the option for push notification along with offline access to content that is cached.

PWA is having the capability of changing the money algorithm in the Google Play Market and App Store world where paid apps should be sharing profits with those of app aggregators.

AI or Artificial Intelligence and Bots

The future of web development is very much bright and according to various technological geeks, it has been known that this year and by next year the Bots will become more self-learning and will also be able to match the needs and behavior of the particular user. The Bots who will be operating 24/7 will be able to replace the support managers along with saving costs for various companies.

However, a good technological development company must be hired to gain from this kind of service.

There are many huge B2C companies that use this kind of technology in order to serve their customers. Some of the major examples are official page chatbots of Facebook, Skype, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

It is also possible to integrate a Bot to PWA, professional or household equipment, and regular websites, and also an internet-connected app that has been developed by any commercial company. The rising of the Bots will be influencing the trends in the case of web design and especially for those of the UX ones.

With the advancement of AI, there has been an increment in the demand for virtual assistant designs. The most beneficial advantages of Bots that are AI-based are problem-solving potential for 24/7, analytics of deep consumer behavior, and human-like experience.

AMP or accelerated mobile pages

Today’s world needs everything to be done in a quick manner. So AMP is known to be another major website development trend of 2021.

The main idea behind this technology is to speed up the performance of the page along with reducing the risk of leaving the page by the user. AMP is somewhat similar to that of the PWA technology.

The major difference is that the pages become faster because of the plugin that is open-source recently developed by Google and Twitter.

AMPs are basically optimized pages that can have a simplified design and is able to operate fast with basic features when compared to web products that are full-scope. The pages are always having readable content and are also mobile-friendly.

The new trends of AMP are responsible for showing that the internet becomes user-oriented day by day. There are 5G technologies available but still, AMP helps the companies to save cost on UX and reach the targeted audience with any internet speed.

SPA or single page application

Today’s world is having standards of high-speed internet and so there is no need of getting stuck with web pages which when used by users redirect to other web pages that are downloaded by users from the server. Due to the rise of the JavaScript framework, the SPA got its popularity.

Working with this technology it is possible to intercept browser events and also request JSON which looks similar to that of the working of the web app. Google pages like Google Drive, Gmail, or social networking apps, like Facebook are similar to this kind of technology.

According to the current trends of web development, it has been understood that the future of the websites will be developed with the help of SPA.

SPA is preferred in the year 2021 because it is having the best chances of seeking the attention of the users as the operation takes place in a fast manner. SPA is responsible for providing instant feedback to the users.

The SPAs are responsible for consuming less and are able to work without the need for server-side code (API technology).

Voice search optimization

The future of web development will be less text and will be more vocal. It is not about the multifunctional home assistants like Google Home, Alexa, or Siri.

According to various researches and data, it has been found that in the year 2021, more than half of the IoT and smart devices will be hearing the users and work according to the commands delivered by the voice of the users. They will also have the ability to recognize different voices and provide an experience that is AI-based for everyone.

Voice search was implemented more than a decade ago but this year that is in 2021, people will not spend time writing commands and will prefer to use voice.

Motion UI

In the digital world, another trend is innovative web design. For many years, starters are paying greater attention to the user experience and they are paying less attention to aesthetics.

However, it must be mentioned that the apps or websites that look beautiful seek the attention of many users and become viral. And so the visual design is very important, especially for a good marketing strategy.

In the year 2021, MVP will still stay minimalistic and the developers are paying more attention towards brand design by approaches like that of the motion UI. Due to the technologies of SaaS libraries Motion user interface has become accessible for any device.

Motion UI is responsible for making the usage of digital products more clear and intuitive. The approach is having integration of custom animation and CSS transition that is powered by libraries with various animated elements.

Developers are able to spend less time in the field of digital product building with the help of this technology and so the cost of the product owner is also saved.

Automation testing

The emerging technology is paying more attention o that the process of development becomes cheaper and users can get the best experience. The best of reaching the first aim is the development stages of automation.

AI and machine learning help in allowing the users to develop complex projects with fewer development experts or small teams while the product automation test helps in checking whether the product is set for deployment or not.

This automation testing approach helps the team of developers to collect the test cases and then learn from them, reduce the cost of web application development, and reduce the time of the test cycle in general. In simple words, it can be said that with the help of this technology it is possible to get a better end product with less money invested.

JavaScript frameworks

JavaScript was invented a long time ago and is known to be one of the best languages for programming.  In the year 2021, the new trends of websites will be including the rise along with further development f the JavaScript frameworks.

The emergence of this JavaScript framework was an attempt to create a convenient frontend ecosystem and standardize the language that is easy to get an advantage from. The JavaScript framework will be involving UI/UX in the year 2021 along with aspects of product tech management.

The usage of the framework will be based on the ready components one needs for working on any website.

The JavaScript framework is basically an application framework created with the programming language of JavaScript and based on the integration of libraries. There are lots of benefits of this web trend and they are-

  • High efficiency
  • Fast performance
  • Simplicity in coding
  • Users receive instant feedback without page reloads

There are many benefits in modern JavaScript when compared to the old ones, that is they are a=having built0in HTML templating, designs that are composed-based, and many more.

Blockchain technology

Cryptocurrencies are not known to be the latest trends of web development. This concept basically made an appearance in the year 2004.

The currency trading of blockchain can never be ignored. There are many payment systems that accepted Bitcoins and other currencies.

The technology of blockchain requires hardware as well as software support along with legal regulation and infrastructure for trading. The operations of blockchain must be secured in nature and protected from hackers and any kind of other tech errors.

There are many banks that are planning to develop algorithms to protect the valuable data of the users and keep the trading of crypto safe with regular currency.

IoT or Internet of Things

 IoT is known to be a network among interconnected devices that needs no action from the users to execute any kind of operation and get useful results. According to various data and researches, it has been found that around 30 million devices on the internet will be operating in the year 2025.

So expectations are there that within next year there will be demands of solutions that will be able to level up the security of IoT interactions.

The main thing because of which IoT will become popular is because it makes the daily life of humans easier and convenient. With a smart home, smart city technology, payment automation, and e-health environment development, people can become less overloaded with regular tasks and invest resources in the ones that are more complicated. 

Housekeeping, healthcare, transport, and marketing are the major niches that will be seeking the help of IoT technology.

GPDR and cybersecurity

Automation of routine operations takes place on a daily basis by using devices that are interconnected and so cybersecurity is always an important trend. There are many processes like doing online payments, sharing data while booking hotels, and many others where the data can be stolen easily.

By the year 2024, it is expected that the market of cybersecurity will generate over $200 billion. The latest custom web development in countries like Europe is the GPDR.

GPDR stands for general data protection regulation. The document is responsible for having the status of international law and is able to put a fine on the owner of the internet product if they are collecting data of the user in an unsecured way.

Moreover, they cannot store or sell the information of the users without seeking their permission.

Push notification

Small, as well as medium-sized businesses, will adopt to push notification feature as this is considered to be one of the most powerful tools to seek the attention of the users. There are many market leaders like Facebook, Goggle Mail who are using this feature in their web apps.

This can help to establish communication with customers without the involvement of email sending. Technology will become very much cheap in the coming years and so many people will be able to access this technology.


Web development has become an important aspect with the advancement of technology and the above-mentioned trends of web development are known to be the latest for 2021.

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